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Number of follicles C0q10

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Jenbot78 Tue 28-Jun-16 18:51:18

Hello, just a quick straw poll. Has anyone been taking C0q10 and found that they have more follicles as a result? Today for my initial consultation for IVF 2 they counted 25 follicles, 7 more than last time. I felt cheered and thought perhaps the expensive ubiquinol tablets were worth the extortion. But then I think I just look for anything that will make me feel more positive! They think they will need to adjust my stims, is 25 too many follicles? Not sure what is good or bad really. Any advice greatly appreciated...

mowglik Tue 28-Jun-16 20:19:07

It's funny you posted this as I was wondering the same thing re supplements. I've been taking coq10 (300mg) for about a month and also Royal jelly (1-2000mg) for about 6 weeks. I had my AFC done a couple of months ago at our initial IVF consultation and it was 16.

We have just started and I had my AFC done again on cd2 and this time it was 28.

I have heard AFC can vary between different technicians doing the count etc, and also my last AFC was done on cd10 whereas it's supposed to be done cd2-4 so that may have made the difference - not sure if that's true for you too?

At any rate will continue taking the coq10 and Royal jelly and hope that the quality of any eggs produced are good as that's the most important thing really. I didn't have my doses adjusted even though the meds were prescribed based on my previous bloods and tests. I am on day 5 of injections and no huge side effects yet <touch wood>

Hoping it's a good thing for both of us!

Jenbot78 Fri 01-Jul-16 15:52:45

Thanks for this-I think it may be due to the C0q10. Here's hoping it's a good sign! Good luck to you.

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