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Where did you buy the drugs?????

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EmmaGH Thu 16-Jun-16 08:38:11

Hallo all, I've been gone a couple of years from this forum, but remain 100% sans kinder, so we are starting IVF again. Yay!

We're having to do it privately this time, because the NHS would only fund the one, and I was hoping one of you lovelies might be able to advise on where best to purchase the drugs, safely and affordably.

This is all a bit last-minute too (I had a fibroid resection two days ago on Day 19, which determined when I whether I was going to start at all, so beginning buserelin today), and I'm going away next week, so I need a place that can fill the prescription and get it delivered ASAP (by Tuesday).

Oof! Cupcakes to whomever can help out!!

blue2014 Thu 16-Jun-16 08:46:32

Argh, I can't remember the exact details.
Ali's pharmacy in London (chemist called yasser latif) if you google it may come up but I also think Asda do fertility drugs if you have a prescription?

EmmaGH Thu 16-Jun-16 08:54:21

Thank you, blue2014!! I've looked up Ali's and they are easily reachable.

Is Ali's quite 'reasonable' and quick (i.e. do you remember if they can fill a prescription same day?)? I really need to keep the costs down as much as possible (which is such an oxymoron when it comes to IVF!!).

I remember a couple of years ago hearing that Asda did the drugs too. I'll have a look into that!!

blue2014 Thu 16-Jun-16 09:37:16

They were very good and I think they're am recommended on costs but to be honest I didn't compare as I just needed them. Asda is supposed to be best for price

cheapredwine Thu 16-Jun-16 13:33:55

AFAIK Asda usually require several days notice. If you're in reach of central London, you'll get everything from Madesil on Marylebone High St (opposite Little Waitrose) - nearest tube prob Oxford Circus, Marble Arch or Regents Park. They're super, very helpful, always happy to half fill a script too. Or Welbeck Pharmacy which is just around the corner. But I found them snotty and more expensive. There's also a supposedly 24 hr pharmacy at Marble Arch which is also fully clued up with fertility drugs but I only tried them once and they were closed!

cheapredwine Thu 16-Jun-16 13:35:10

OP, just to add, Madesil won't be the cheapest option, but depends if you need the drugs immediately, if you do, they'll 99% be able to sort you.

Zippybear Thu 16-Jun-16 18:02:27

There's also fertility2u online, not sure if they could do it by Tuesday but you could give them a ring, I've found them very helpful

SesameSparkle Thu 16-Jun-16 22:01:15

I've used Ali's, Asda, the pharmacy supplying my own clinic and a small local chemist too. I've been happy with all of them. It just depends on which drugs you need and when by. Most can supply anything they don't have in stock within 24h. If you've got your script or list of meds just do a ring round asking for quotes and availability.

EmmaGH Sat 18-Jun-16 09:43:14

cheapredwine, *Zippybear, SesemeSparkle, thank you! As it turns out I no longer have the urgency (I can just keep on with the buserelin till I get back from holiday) but I do still want to get it cheaper.

I'll check again with another Asda -- my nearest only has 75ius vials of Menopur rather than the multi-use vials, and I'd really rather reduce the waste as well, if at all possible.

SesameSparkle, I'll ask my local chemist about whether they can order in multi-use vials -- if they're not too expensive, that could be ideal!

I've not heard of fertility2u, Zippybear, I'm off to check them out now!!

bananafish81 Sat 18-Jun-16 12:19:34

I got all my drugs from Healthcare @ Home, because it was the lazy option and cheaper than most pharmacies - although not as cheap as Asda. My clinic just send the prescription straight to H@H and they deliver the meds the next day, so it was the easiest option.

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