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Anyone else struggling tc #2?

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swimchick1980 Sun 12-Jun-16 23:26:16

Had #1 naturally over 2.5 years ago but took a couple of years. DH has low sperm count.

Been ttc since #1 born and feels like everyone that had babies at the same time either has #2 (or #3) already or is pregnant again. Finding it really tough, more so than first time around - really down and can't stop eating, which I know isn't helping....

Got first IVF appointment at the end of the month. Excited and scared at same time.

Any support/advice very welcome wink

Zuzy123 Mon 13-Jun-16 13:33:08

Hi swimchick

It is really tough to go through this, I'm really sorry you find yourself here.
my sisters and friends have or are expecting #3 too and they started a year after me sad

To share my story... Im 34 and also struggling tc#2. Was diagnosed with extremely low AMH of 0.09.
I have a 4yr old who was conceived naturally on first try but have been ttc # 2 for more than 3yrs now.

Had first ivf cycle end of April. despite being a very poor responder we managed to transfer one d2 egg and I got my BFP.
Unfortunately, found out few days ago at 8 weeks scan that they (twins) weren't growing

However, this has given me hope that against all odds, I got a BFP at first try.

Wishing you the very best of luck on your upcoming appointment and cycle flowers

swimchick1980 Mon 13-Jun-16 19:05:21

Thanks Zuzy! Sounds like you're going through a really rough time. So sorry to hear about the twins. Glad you are able to take hope from the fact that the treatment was successful, despite it being such a sad situation. Sending you lots of luck and keeping my fingers crossed you are blessed with a baby when the time is right for you to give it another shot.

Take care and thanks for the luck - will see what our results show and take it from there flowers

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