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Cd2 blood tests

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Tamtam86 Sat 11-Jun-16 08:31:41

My GP referred me for CD2 and CD21 blood tests, I had the day 2 test on Tuesday and on Friday I had a letter from the doctor asking me to call for an appointment to discuss the results - I opened the letter on Friday after work so I have to wait until Monday to call and I'm worrying because in my appointment the doctor had said she would see me again after both tests so I don't know what has come up in the first test that they want to see me about sooner! Has anyone else had this?

I know they were doing multiple tests, she took 3 tubes of blood, and the day after my test I had a text to say the results were normal. I'm just feeling very confused and worried right now!!

Tamtam86 Mon 20-Jun-16 20:10:07

So the reason they called me in is because my prolactin is high, I actually don't know how high and forgot to ask, I'll make sure o get the number next time. The doctor thinks it's due to stress in my case. Has anyone else has this and managed to reduce it?

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