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Could the Inositol really be working?

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Cosmomouse Mon 06-Jun-16 10:07:55

Hi all,

First of all a bit of history for you! I have a 16 month old little boy who took as nearly 3 years to conceive. I don't have regular periods, maybe 1-3 per year.

As we were having trouble conceiving, our doctor conducted blood tests, which showed that hormone levels were typical of pcos, but we needed an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis. Happily, we never needed the ultrasound as whilst we were waiting I found out I was pregnant.

After DS was born 18 months ago, we decided to just try for no. 2, considering the length of time it had taken previously and that we had heard that fertility is increased right after you have a baby.

Unfortunately, I have not had a period in that time (i was also doing ovulation sticks which always came up positive every day!) but have suffered from two large burst cysts, one of which ended with me in hospital with sepsis.

I have been back to the GP recently in order to get the ball rolling fertility wise, and she had ordered me an ultrasound and blood tests.

Strangely, I started my period yesterday (first time in 18 months!) so was a bit surprised, and I have been to the GP for my results this morning. Everything is normal! No cysts on my ultrasound, blood tests absolutely normal! Whilst this is good news, it does now mean that I won't be referred to the fertility department so I am praying that it is not a one off.

The only thing I have done differently recently is started to take Inositol about 3 months ago. I'm not really one for self medicating and was not really expecting it to make much of a difference but thought I'd try it for the hell of it really.

Could this be responsible for a seemingly massive turnaround in how my system is working? I can't quite believe this could be it. I'm very confused, I was so completely expecting my bloods and ultrasound to come back with something strange, as they did before!

Cosmomouse Mon 06-Jun-16 10:10:04

Just to say my little boy is 18 months, not 16! I'm losing track of time! He's growing up too fast 😊

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