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Has anyone conceived on clomid when spotting from 7dpo?

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2ndstreet Wed 25-May-16 09:13:47


I have a bit of a long back story been ttc for over 4 yrs I'm now 35, have a 7yr old from previous relationship (got pregnant only time had unprotected). Had all nhs tests, sometimes have irregular periods so prescribed provera then clomid. Had to pay for follicle scan which showed ovulation at d10 (also positive ov test). Had d21 test at d17 pro level 33. Have been spotting every morning since d17 now d22. Tried first response test this am as fertility nurse said it could be implantation and af due fri was negative tho 🙁. Wondered if the spotting could prevent implantation?

DearTeddyRobinson Wed 25-May-16 09:18:15

I had implantation bleeding on cd28 when I was on tamoxifen, Clomid the previous 3 months hadn't worked for me. In fact the Clomid gave me all sorts of pregnancy symptoms but no pregnancy!
Tested when I was 2 days late and got my positive, but was still coming up negative on cd 28, hence I assumed implantation bleed was my period.
Hang in there X

broodypsycho Thu 26-May-16 12:14:17

I'm currently 7dpo on my first round of clomid, ive had no spotting as of yet but you do get all the symptoms nausea cramps. Hang in there u never know

2ndstreet Thu 26-May-16 13:38:41

Thank you! I was fine till 7dpo then every morning since then I've been spotting- it's a week now so it's driving me a bit mad. The nurse said she'd send me some progesterone next month to see if it helps if I'm not pregnant which it doesn't look like I am 😕

2ndstreet Thu 26-May-16 13:40:23

P.s it's lovely to hear about successful pregnancies after treatment 🙂

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