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Clomid follicle scan... feeling clueless!

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Lazyafternoon Tue 24-May-16 16:09:15

I'm on my first month of Clomid and just got back from follicle scan (day 12). It's at this point I've realised that my trying to cool and relaxed is catching up with me! I've no idea what is going on... the lady doing the scan didn't seem to know either. She said she was new to fertility appointments.

When I asked if everything looked ok she said there were 2 follicles. But then had to go off and check with someone else if that meant I needed to see anyone else today. When she came back she was much chirpier and said oh yes 2 follicles is just fine, just carry and doing whatever you're doing and you'll be back on day 21 for your blood test.

I'll admit I've kept my research to a minimum to avoid getting too obsessed and stressed by it all. But now I feel like I don't really have a clue what I should be wanting to hear and what happens next. I don't have PCOS, just inexplained. Been TTC for about 2 years and already have a nearly 3 year old DS conceived without any assistance, but trying for about 18 -24months.

Two follicles is good, that means I've ovulated, right?

So next month (unless by some miracle I get a BFP!) I really want to be a bit more organised and know what I should be doing when. I've got a ClearBlue Advanced monitor, but not been using it for last couple of months because of wanting to chill out a bit from TTC.

Typically when is the best time to DTD when taking Clomid? I've a 28day cycle. We've been going for every other day as not tracking OPK but next month I want to make sure we're doing everything possible to increase chances while I have Clomid to help.

Any advice or just calming words would be lovely. Thanks x

closephine85 Tue 24-May-16 17:43:28

Hi LazyAfternoon

Sounds like the lady doing your scan was a bit clueless!

I don't know much about clomid but have had folicle tracking scans in the past. I think from what you're saying, perhaps you haven't ovulated yet.

Basically you should have lots of follicles on each ovary each month but one will develop into the leading folicle and grow to roughly 20mm before you ovulate. Did she measure any of them/tell you any numbers?

Perhaps by saying you had '2 folicles' she meant you have two leading folicles and will ovulate from one or perhaps both of them.

I'm no expert, just guessing based on what you have said but I think you might want to continue DTD for a few more days yet.

cheapredwine Tue 24-May-16 19:42:19

Keep shagging I say! Sounds like you mght well not have ovulated. But yes, unless you know the sizes of them, it's tricky to say

Joinourclub Tue 24-May-16 19:58:33

They do the follicle check to see if you are responding to the clomid, and to make sure you are not over responding. You want one or two decent sized follicles. You will not have ovulated yet. The only way to tell is a blood test. I had one on day 21. Have you one scheduled? I would Use your clear blue tracker at home from about day 10 and expect to see ovulation around day 14.

Hi all, hope it's okay to join the Convo...I've been looking for threads on clomid, is it OK to ask a q? Did you ladies get put on clomid by GP? We had to go private as couldn't get the, we had ICSi treatment and was cancelled first week in has down reg drugs blocked my hormones so trying to think of alternatives xx

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