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ARGC/ new job, any adrvice

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jasmineW17 Wed 18-May-16 23:28:19

so im going for my first appointment to ARGC next week hoping to do icsi. looking at starting treatment at the end of september start of october. thing is im about to start a new job, before i apllied for this i had a holiday booked for 16 days at the end of july which they have allowed so i am taking that as holiday pay what im worried about is the two weeks of intense blood tests ARGC do im worried about how i will do these without affecting my job. i only work four days a week but the shifts are awkward hours and long. 7am-9.30am then 3pm-10pm. just looking for some advice as im feeling a bit down about it all right now.

cheapredwine Thu 19-May-16 07:14:09

Are you doing immunes? If you are (and actually even if you're not) you might well not end up starting for months. We had initial consultation in March, started downreg very end of September. You'd not be able to work your morning shift in either week of stims, second week you MIGHT struggle to start at 3 too, depending on the commute from ARGC to work. I think you need to see what initial consultation brings then have a think and talk to your new bosses. Unpaid leave? Also be aware that the monitoring doesn't stop after transfer - you'll still need blood tests and ditto if you get a BFP. You'll also probably need a day off the day of the hysto, EC and ET. You also won't get much / any notice or time to plan - it's just how they work as they want to optimise treatment for you as an individual based on blood results etc. How far do you work from the clinic?

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