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Another mc?

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Xoe1904 Sun 15-May-16 09:01:17

Help!! I'd be really grateful for some advice for you please. I've struggled to conceive, been referred through nhs to gynaecology to find after tests that nothing has come up and my partners sperm count is also normal- yay! However as I'm 39 the consultant has decided there is no time for further tests and referred me for IVF. I've been desperately trying to get pregnant before the letter comes through as the idea terrifies me and we wanted to do this naturally. My period is now 2/3 days late (I'm like clockwork) and its come back negative. Ive felt like utter death the last week or so and taken this as a really positive sign. Is this another very early mc or has this happened to others? I bought the most expensive test as I thought it'd be the most accurate....

Sorry for the ramble!!!

Thanks v much

Zoë xx

Hyland Sun 15-May-16 11:28:15

Do you use ovulation kits?

Xoe1904 Sun 15-May-16 12:50:40

Not been doing recently as my OH thought I was getting too stressed and wound up by them....

Hyland Sun 15-May-16 13:32:13

I use to alway be due on say 20th of the month, then after a few years of trying and nit being on the Pill.

My cycle changed and i would always come On, exactly 2 weeks after peak fertility smiley face. Without fail.

I found initially that when my cycles started to change and i hadnt made the connection.

I would get my hopes up thinking but I'm a week late or whatever it would be.

Like you I woukd to wonder if I had a fee chemical pregnancies and none the wiser.

I know this doesnt help you much.

I can however vouch for Ivf not being as bad as I thought it would be, maybe I've justt been lucky.

I have always taken comfort in knowing that it felt like we actively trying to do more by having Ivf.

Trying month after month the old fashion way made me feel so sad.

Not that ivf doesnt have its own set of heartbreaking moments.

It is just different and we feel more optimistic.

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