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IVF confusion

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MrsH18 Sat 14-May-16 08:49:39


Very new to this so please be kind smile

Me and DH are mid twenties and have been ttc #1 for nearly two years. Following fertility testing we know my hormones are ok, i am ovulating and they don't believe i have any cysts. DH does have a slightly low count despite living a pretty healthy lifestyle but it doesn't seem as low as some i have read! This is all we know and from this we have been told our next step is IVF!?

Since we have gone through the NHS
I had thought they would be desperate to try anything other than IVF! I don't know if my tubes are blocked or if i have endometriosis (a possibility based on symptoms) or about my egg quality or anything! We weren't even told any ways to try and increase DH's count?

So here are my questions, does anybody have any tips on improving sperm quality? Why can't we try IUI? I've read IUI sucess stories from a count of 4million! Is it probable that there is also something going on with me if its been two years and ive never had a BFP?

I'm sorry i know i must sound like a mad woman but i'm so confused. I was too busy crying at out appointment to ask these questions and now i cant see them again until ive lost enough weight for IVF and i'd like to try and get my head round it now.

I understand people can only give opinions and experiences etc but really anything would be helpful at this point



Frazzled2207 Sat 14-May-16 08:59:19

How was it left at the appointment? I had to have various tests including Hycosy to check my tubes and some scans have you had these? Next step for me was clomid which is very cheap for the nhs, did they suggest this? I conceived with it first time

bluebird3 Sat 14-May-16 09:42:53

I've been Ttc for 14 months with no luck and no apparent fertility problems. I've been doing some research on reasons for unexplained infertility. What I've read is that most people will get pregnant within 2 years (95%). Of the 5% that don't the ones who are 'unexplained' most will go on to conceive naturally within the next 5 years. This study suggested that IVF is often done when most people just need to wait. However, many people don't have time to wait because of age but if you are mid twenties you could keep trying naturally for the next couple years, whilst losing weight and preparing your body in case you decide to have IVF down the road. It's a hard choice as I know how desperate it feels when all you want is a baby. But one of my close friends just went through IVF and it was a terrible process for her so I'm hoping to avoid if at all possible. I'm 30 though so won't know what I will do when we hit 24 months of trying. Will probably go for IVF as I feel my clock ticking. Good luck!

Hyland Sat 14-May-16 10:02:08

For your partner:

L Carnitign
Selenium (smells bad, but it is tiny)

Numbers and mobility increased dramatically for us.

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