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I'm just starting all this...

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Modestandatinybitsexy Thu 12-May-16 12:59:26

DH & I have just had initial tests done at the drs and we've booked our follow up appointment.

DH's levels are fine and we're waiting to hear about me, my cycles been all over the place since we started ttc. Officially ttc over two years but not been on bc for much longer. Never been pg. My BMI is also too high for NHS IVF.

I want to go into the appointment prepared but I can't find a simple guide to what happens next, what to expect or the different paths to treatments that may be offered.

Can anyone please let me know how it started off for you or where's best to find information?

NotSpartacus Thu 12-May-16 20:50:25

They will do a load of tests to see if they can identify the cause of your issue:

Ovarian reserve tests (amh levels, follicle count, FSH) - although really these give an indication of how you might respond to IVF drugs rather than natural fertility

Possibly thyroid tests and vit d as well. They may also check you are ovulating by checking progesterone on day 21 of your cycle.

Hycosy and/or hysteroscopy to check the uterus and tubes. They would normally do a hycosy (a scan where they squirt saline into your uterus and up your tubes) first. If the results are inconclusive they have a look with a camera (hysteroscopy).

If all is well, and depending in your DH's sperm, your age and anything else relevant they may recommend IUI or clomid and cycle monitoring so you can time intercourse. Otherwise it is on to IVF.

As your cycles are all over the place and you say you are a bit overweight I wonder if you have polycystic ovaries. If so, they may also recommend you try naturally but take drugs called metformin and / or inositol and maybe clomid as well. As an aside, if you can lose some weight you may find your cycles regulate a bit. Mine were crazy, but I used a low carb diet (the only form of diet that works for me) and they have become far more regular.

HTH, and good luck.

maplebaby Thu 12-May-16 21:02:32

Everything Spartacus said!** I went to the Drs like you have and they did bloods to check ovulation, thyroid, rubella immunity, HIV, chlamydia and ultrasound. For DH they did semen analysis.

I was then referred to the fertility clinic (bloods showed I hadn't ovulated that month).

Had my appointment with the consultant and had more blood tests to check ovulation, AMH, another ultrasound and a Hycosy (to check tubes).

All came back normal and now I've been "diagnosed" with unexplained infertility. I'm now waiting for my letter to to have an appointment with the nurse to start super ovulation and IUI - I get 3 goes and then if none of them work it will be IVF.

Good luck!

broodykingy Fri 13-May-16 14:14:26

I have my first referral appointment at hospital on Wednesday. Prior to this I had swaps for any infection, blood test, ultrasound, up to date smear, hysteroscopy and a tissue sample taken during that and my partner has had his tests done.

Will update on what happens next for me after that but assuming more tests as nothing found to be wrong yet.

Modestandatinybitsexy Mon 16-May-16 10:00:45

Hi, thank you for this and sorry for the late reply. I had actually completely forgotten I'd started this thread - scatterbrain, sorry!

Your replies are really useful. I hate not knowing what I'm going into and there doesn't seem to be clear steps to what happens.

I've had 5 day LH/FSH and 21 day progesterone tests done a couple of times now (changed surgeries), the last ones showed I was at the low end of normal ranges and my appointment this week is to talk about the current ones. As DH's sperm analysis showed there should be nothing to worry about in his department I'm obviously worried about what my new tests are going to say.

I've been cycle monitoring and dtd eod along with opks. opks have never shown ovulation but the dr said he didn't trust them much.

My weight is a worry. DH and I are doing the 5:2 diet. We were on it before but big life developments got in the way. It was working and I'm hoping to take it more seriously this time as well.

Sorry, long! I really did just post to say thank you! Honestly, really helpful. Sorry for getting carried away.

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