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Anyone else in the 2ww?

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Vixxfacee Wed 11-May-16 08:32:50

I had a 5 day blastocyst transferred yesterday and I am 1 day into the dreaded 2 week wait.

Freaking out already and would like to know if there is anyone else who wants to buddy up and give each other support during this time?

SBSparkles Fri 20-May-16 15:39:13

Just seen this and am in the same position as you! I assume you might know your outcome now? I hope it was a good one!! Xx

Vixxfacee Fri 20-May-16 15:50:01


I have my blood test to confirm Tuesday but I've been getting positive since 6 days post transfer!

When did you have your transfer?

SBSparkles Fri 20-May-16 16:09:38

Wow fantastic! Congratulations! I transferred 4 days ago a '4AB' blastocyst. We were given 50/50 chance. Did you have symptoms? I've been having periody type cramps, feel tired and very emotional, headaches and a bit of lower back pain. Did a test today but it was negative. X

SBSparkles Fri 20-May-16 16:10:18

Have an awful feeling it's not worked and am gutted.

Vixxfacee Fri 20-May-16 17:06:10

Don't give up yet it has only been 4 days! What was your lining and did you have a fresh or frozen transfer?

From day 2 I just knew it hadn't worked. I had little cramps but then had some spotting and knew it was over. That is why I took the test!

I had a frozen transfer of a 5 day blastocyst not sure what grade though.

Period type cramps are good as could be the embryo implanting.

I have sore boobs but think it's from the progesterone too.
Warm feeling in stomach

I think most people think it hasn't worked. I was crying on day 4 & 5 as I just had a gut feeling!

SBSparkles Fri 20-May-16 18:03:46

I feel like these periody cramps are EXACTLY like I normally get so I am totally bummed. My friend told me she had that before she realized she was pregnant but I still have this awful gut feeling. Funny you said you also had a 'gut feeling'.

I think the hormones play a lot of tricks on you. I had a lovely thick lining - it was 16mm at one point but then I think it was a bit lower at 12mm (or I heard her wrong) later on. She kept on saying it was 'beautiful'.

I just feel so fertile and ready and have no known problems. (Its hubby with the poor motility/morphology).

It was a fresh cycle and we have 3 frozen Blastocysts but I guess I want THIS embryo, as I believe each one is our child and I don't want to keep having to wait! Its been over 2 years and I'm nearly 36 and I just want to be a mother!

I also have sore boobs, but get this before AF.

Ahhh close to drinking wine! :-)

Vixxfacee Fri 20-May-16 20:25:40

So you had a great blast and really thick lining. You're chances are high.

Feeling like your period is going to start is a good sign. I keep going to the toilet to check.
It is the most nerve wracking thing and we tell ourselves it won't work to protect ourselves.

Which tests are you using?

SBSparkles Sat 21-May-16 07:27:01

Cheapo ones from Amazon (they had good reviews) woke up crying again today as I had the same 'low down' tingling dragging feeling I have before AF. Not doing a very good job of being positive. I'm 5dp5dt today but tests still negative. I've ordered clear blue tests so I'll try one of those tomorrow. I never realised how hard all this would be! How long till your blood test? Bet you are excited !? X

Osirus Sun 22-May-16 00:23:05

Hi. I had successful IVF in September last year and I felt just like you did before I had my BFP. I felt just like my period was going to arrive (one day was particularly crampy so I used a sanitary pad but nothing arrived). It's really hard to tell the difference between successful implantation and if it's your period on its way.

Good luck to you both.

SBSparkles Sun 22-May-16 06:06:06

Thank you so much! I can't believe it but I did two different pregnancy tests last night and they were both a very faint positive!! I suddenly feel different and realise that might account for all the crying! Hormones! Testing again today and hospital test on Tuesday but suddenly feeling rather different! I can't believe how much it was exactly the same as AF pains! How far along are you now? X

SBSparkles Sun 22-May-16 06:06:44

Wednesday not Tuesday!

Vixxfacee Sun 22-May-16 09:04:06

Congratulations! !! I am so happy for you.
My blood test is also Tuesday!

SBSparkles Sun 22-May-16 11:00:36

Thank you!! And congratulations to you too! Since I found out I just feel pregnant! I keep crying at the most stupid things! (Doesn't take much normally anyway!) good luck for tues - hope it all goes well! Xx

Vixxfacee Sun 22-May-16 11:12:57

You're full of pregnancy hormones as well as the drugs. Plus this is something you have wanted for so long!

Hope Tuesday brings us the beta results we want. I will get excited then.

SBSparkles Sun 22-May-16 11:27:45

Yes! Mine is actually weds (I wrote wrong day!) be thinking of you xx

SBSparkles Tue 24-May-16 21:40:32

Hey how did it go? Was your beta ok?

Found out my clinic don't do a beta test so have to just have urine test! Might offer to pay for one!


Vixxfacee Tue 24-May-16 21:45:26

Oh really? Have you done another test?

I had good news! My beta was 1767 and they wanted anything over 100. So I'm pleased. Next hurdle viability scan in three weeks.

SBSparkles Tue 24-May-16 22:10:04

Wow congratulations! That's awesome! That beta is high! Do you think it might be twins!?

I've done like 7 tests now (I know!!) and they were all positive although a bit light ( I'm only 8 days past ) But for some reason still really nervous about it tomorrow. I'm gutted they don't do a beta and I just have to wait for viability scan! hmmx

SBSparkles Tue 24-May-16 22:10:45

I also have symptoms of OHSS! Just be glad when tomorrow is done and I know what's what!

Vixxfacee Tue 24-May-16 22:46:16

They only put one blast back in so I doubt twins!

7 tests wow! You will drive yourself crazy. So you don't really need them to do any urine tests as you know already. Congratulations. The long wait til the scan now.

You are 8dp so I wouldn't expect the line to be super dark. My first test at 6dp5dt was faint.

SBSparkles Wed 25-May-16 19:17:23

Yeah! I've been told by my nurse to not do any more! Was confirmed by hospital today - so funny they class me as 4 weeks now! Scan at week 7! X

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