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IVF Initial Appointment

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Emsie1987 Tue 10-May-16 10:14:03

I have my first consultation at St. Barts in two weeks, can anybody help me with what to expect and the time frames after. I was only referred 7 weeks ago and didn't expect it to come so quickly. Not like i'm complaining though.

Another question that i don't know if you can help me with is that i have always had 28 day cycles very regular. Maybe in the last 15 years their have been a few 27 and 29 but very rarely.

Last month i had a 25 day cycle and now this month i'm currently on day 31 and still no sign of my period. Felt very emotional yesterday and slight cramping the last two days but nothing. I just feel like i have been saying to my consultant at the hospital for so long 'yeah look how regular' i am and now suddenly i'm not. Anyone know any reasons apart from Stress that may be causing this?

Thank you

Tecat Sat 14-May-16 02:26:38

Hey ladies
I'm new here. I hope you are all well.

Emsie1987 I'm at Barts also. My initial 1st appointment is this Wednesday, I don't know what to expect but once I have the appointment I will be able to update you as to what happens after the appointment. I have been searching the web for someone to share their experience with no luck.
Ps the same has happened with my cycle. The only reason I have is stress, exercise routine, change in hormone and diet.
All the best

cheapredwine Sat 14-May-16 06:25:34

There are specific threads for different London clinics on Fertility Friends, I can't remember if there is a Barts one but definitely worth a look. Wish you both all the best

Tecat Wed 18-May-16 18:07:30

I had my appointment today.
Morning: you have a scan and DH provides another SA.
Afternoon: BMI test & seen by a consultant who goes through all your results, discuss treatment options. Then you are seen by a nurse who books you in for the next available information session, which could be a week after your first appointment.

Expect to be the clinic from 10am to 3:30pm. Take a good magazine or crossword with you.

Tecat Wed 18-May-16 18:08:13

All the best

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