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RE: Older Mums / Recurrent Miscarriages

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ChrissyPh Mon 09-May-16 14:44:51

Hi all,

This is my first post on this forum so forgive me if I rattle on too much but I was hoping for some advice from anyone that's suffered 3 x recurrent miscarriages in a row like I have over the last 9-mths.

I am 44 years old and already have a 3.5 year old son concieved natrally on first attempt. For the last 9-mths or so i've really felt a strong desire to have another child and have concieved fairly easily but each time suffered an early loss (around the 6-week stage). I'm aware that this may well be just done to my bad quality/ageing eggs and nothing much can be done but I'd love to know if anyone has successed on getting (...and staying) pregnant at my age and also, has anyone had success via IVF at my age?

In the last couple of weeks I visited a well know IVF clinic in Harley Street who advised me that they would accept me for IVF but it might be that most (if not all) of my eggs are just not up to the job hence the miscarriages. They did however say I could have the genetic screening option to give me a shot!

My blood test showed I have good ovarian reserve still (AMH level 21.7) and I also have low FSH readings. In addition I had a SLS scan and they reported increased amount of folicles for me age. I ovualte each month and have a regular mentral cycle of 27-days.

I could just keep trying naturally or chance the IVF route although the high dosedrugs and the money factor really worry me. Another posisble option might be Mild/Natural IVF but again, not sure that would prove viable given my age.

Any advice would be really welcome! :-)


toomuchtooold Mon 09-May-16 17:38:16

Hi! I had three miscarriages and then recurrent miscarriage testing showed I had a chromosomal abnormality (a Robertsonian translocation) which meant about 2/3 of my eggs are dodgy. I had IVF with PGD and had twins at 36 - so a bit younger, but still no spring chicken! I did my IVF at the London Bridge Centre and I would really recommend them - they're good on both the recurrent miscarriage stuff and the IVF with genetic screening.

Are you getting recurrent miscarriage testing on the NHS? I think you're probably eligible, otherwise your IVF clinic should certainly do it. You might have a translocation like me (which would be consistent with having a successful pregnancy as well as the miscarriages - not all the eggs are dodgy in that case) and even if as you say it's just age related egg quality, it's still good to make sure there are no additional problems that might scupper a successful IVF conception.

Regarding mild/natural IVF, I don't think it would offer you much - you already know you can conceive naturally. If your eggs are dodgy for whatever reason and you're going to do genetic screening then the IVF is going to be a numbers game - it's about collecting enough eggs to get a good chance of a healthy one.

Anyway good luck and if I can answer any questions or anything I'd be very happy to smile

toomuchtooold Mon 09-May-16 17:42:09

Oh and my IVF was 10 grand for one cycle - it's normally 6 but with the genetic testing (and the ICSI, which you need if you're doing genetic testing) it was more expensive.

ChrissyPh Mon 09-May-16 18:50:00

Thanks so much for replying. No I'm paying private fir everything as didn't think id be eligible having already had a child plus over the 42- year old cut off point.

Did you have any treatment for the condition or just persuaded you to go down the IVF route fully?

I was quoted around £6k for the IVF plus around £4k for the genetic screening.

The guy I'm seeing is the same guy that treated Julia Bradbury the TV host who was my age. He seems to have a great reputation and not pushy at all but extremely knowledgable which of course is what you need!

Thanks again for your advice and congrats on your twins!!

Chrissy x

toomuchtooold Tue 10-May-16 06:23:26

There's no treatment as such for the translocation so I had the option either to keep trying naturally and having miscarriages till I got a healthy egg, or do the IVF. I didn't have any other complicating conditions like blood clotting, killer cells etc.

Thanks for tr congrats - they are now 4, can't believe it!

toomuchtooold Tue 10-May-16 07:56:40

Also I found this book helpful on the causes of miscarriage and what you should expect from testing etc. It's not totally comprehensive - she covers the factors which have been thoroughly researched - but it's a good intro.

ChrissyPh Tue 10-May-16 10:24:16

Brilliant, book ordered! I've heard a lot about the author but didn't realise she'd published a book.

Thanks again for all your advice! Will keep you posted on where I go from here and hopefully, my success next time around!

Chrissy x

miamiaMo Sun 15-May-16 11:35:36

Hi, I am sorry for yr loss. I highly recommend you talk to yr doc and consider doing genetic screeing (PGS NGS), as eg chromosomal aneuploidy might be the reason of multiple mcs

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