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Donor embryo time

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GrinAndTonic Sun 01-May-16 07:15:17

So after three failed IVF/ICSI attempts (total fertilisation failure every time) we are going to try using a donor embryo. We have changed clinics for this and the new specialist initially wanted us to try one final attempt with a massive protocol using every drug under the sun. All that was going to do was make me feel even more like shit as if no eggs have fertilised the three previous times why is this cycle any different?
So we are looking at a donor. We have found some and are just doing the paperwork.
So really, I guess I am just looking for others who went down this route and wanting to know how it went for you.

SesameSparkle Sun 01-May-16 14:22:39

Hiya grin, I don't have experience of donor embryos but I'm bumping for you and hopefully someone will come along to share their experience. Glad things are moving along for you treatment wise. smile

BlueBirdy Sun 01-May-16 19:20:07

Hi Grin, have you had a MOAT procedure done, and heard about AOA (assisted oocyte activation)?

I've had 3 cycles so far: 1st - 0 fertilisation, 2nd - 2 of 11 (2 back in on D2, BFN), 3rd - 0 fertilisation. Each time the clinics told me I would need to use donor eggs as 'obviously there is a problem with the eggs', even though our issues are supposed to be male-based (1% normal morphology).

Luckily, after some googling, I came across the 'zero fertilisation' thread on fertility friends. We've just got the MOAT results back and it's proved that there IS a fertilisation issue with the sperm, and luckily AOA really helps in increasing the fertilisation rate, so our next cycle we will be using that. They are Ghent University Hospital in Belgium, and for our full cycle it should come to around £4 000, including the £400 for the diagnostic MOAT procedure. So even with all the pioneering procedures it still costs less than an average cycle in this country. There are some clinics here that have started to offer AOA, but it's not as strong/robust as the AOA that Ghent offer.

Even if the MOAT shows that the issue isn't with the sperm, the AOA can still help to solve a female base fertilisation issue. I really recommend having a look into this, and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Sorry if I have thrown a spanner in the 'donor route' works, and of course you may already be aware of all of this - but thought you may be interested if you weren't aware of this option.

All the best

GrinAndTonic Mon 02-May-16 03:12:32

I've pretty much washed my hands with the clinics. They always want to do one more cycle before testing anything. Sperm is fine, DH has super sperm actually and apparently my eggs are fine. Chromosomal testing can back normal too.
I don't think AOA is offered a lot of places here (Australia) and to be honest I don't want to do more IVF.
Thank you for the info though. I have a friend that will be interested though.

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