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Endometriosis / IVF / Hycosy

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Redchilli1986 Thu 28-Apr-16 18:22:29

Hi all
I've been reading posts on this site for the past 14 months of TTC to see other people's experiences. I have finally plucked up the courage to write something.
I have had tests to show that I'm ovulating, and yesterday I had a Hycosy privately (NHS waiting to be referred to a FS was too long) which was horrendous & painful. They were unable to see my Fallopian tubes properly, and were only able to see one ovary which took some difficulty! I have now been referred to have a laparoscopy with suspected endometriosis.
Has anyone else had Drs unable to view their ovaries/Fallopian tubes with an ultrasound?
I'd also like to know if anyone with endometriosis has had IVF treatment and whether it was successful or not?
Thank you!! smile

Danaust Thu 28-Apr-16 21:43:02

I have endo which diagnosed via lap surgery. Turns out both my tubes are almost 100%blocked so pretty much zero chance that fertilisation could occur naturally , I was given a 30% chance of being able to conceive via IVF.

I was successful in my first cycle, my dc is now 3years old. Also successful in my second cycle which unfortunately resulted in a mc at 9 weeks. 3rd cycle failed. I just completed my 4th cycle in January and am now 18weeks with twins.

Have you had blood tests as part of your investigations? Do you know your Amh level and Antral follicle count? These give an indication of the quantity but not the quality of your eggs.

MrsPickwick Fri 29-Apr-16 14:14:39

Hi smile

I have Stage IV endometriosis. I was TTC for three years, and after my laparoscopy was referred for IVF as they said there was little chance of me conceiving naturally. I had IVF in spring last year, and it failed. I learned that the laparoscopy itself had caused low egg reserve, which was horrible - I got very very few eggs during egg collection, so really thought I had no chance with IVF either and would have to use donor eggs.

Oh, and yes, they always had a bit a trouble finding one of my ovaries on scans, but managed in the end (dildo cam scans of course).

Amazingly, I conceived naturally in January and am now 18 weeks pregnant, and all it going well. I hope you have similar good news, and ideally don't have to wait as long for it as I did.

Onsera3 Fri 29-Apr-16 14:33:06

I had two surgeries for endo (first one laser, second one extensive excision) and in the second one they did a dye test at my request. Tubes were fine.

Started TTC less than a year later and no luck. Didn't bother with hycosy at NHS fertility clinic as they said endo made me a less than ideal candidate for IUI and it wasn't necessary for IVF.

They struggled to see one of my ovaries with dildo cam.

I had IVF and was successful first round (which was lucky as only one round of egg collection funded). I didn't get many eggs but I think that's because I had min dose of stimming drugs because I was high risk for Hyperstimulation due to younger age (30) and PCOS and high antral follicle count.

I had healthy pregnancy. While still breastfeeding was waiting for periods to get regular to try frozen cycle with my one blastocyst from first cycle. And I got pregnant naturally!

So now have a second healthy baby and will be careful next time so frostie gets a chance!

NHS stored frozen for free for two years and we have been paying the storage since. If the fresh cycle hadn't worked I was entitled to two goes frozen if I had any frozen to use (many don't apparently).

I hope you have some good luck on your fertility journey.

Redchilli1986 Fri 29-Apr-16 18:38:14

Thank you for all of your comments, it's worrying when they struggle to find your ovaries and Fallopian tubes!
I've had one lot of blood tests but this didn't seem to include my AMH levels, it was on day 19 to show that I am ovulating which I am.
I have a lot of symptoms of endometriosis and have been diagnosed with IBS for years, but am now starting to think it is maybe linked to endometriosis.
Did anyone have a lot of pain with endo?
I feel bloated 90% of the time & a feeling although everything is twisted inside me.
Thank you!

RebeccaNoodles Mon 02-May-16 20:50:53

Hi Redchili, I'm sorry you've had such a horrible time. The good news is that if you do have endo, 1) it's good to know that for your general health and 2) that could well explain why you haven't conceived, and 3) your chances should be good with IVF, as the previous posters' stories show. I've also heard (but ask your doctor) that chances of natural conception are higher immediately after laparoscopy. The biggest determining factor will most likely be age really, as far as I can tell.

I haven't had IVF yet, but I'm due for it in June. I have endo. Mine is weird as it seems to be only/mainly in my bowel ... I didn't really have pain with it, however, I did have odd 'IBS type' symptoms for ages. My surgery was very successful and I haven't had problems since (that I know of) - my Hycosy was clear too.

It's a tricky one because they can only 100% diagnose endo through surgery - so even if they do find it in your tubes (which sounds likely given what they saw during your hycosy) they won't know for sure if it's in your bowel. However: do keep an eye on those symptoms. Rectal bleeding during your period is a classic one. In my case, I had that (for years) so suspected I had endo but didn't know for sure until I had a few weeks of bloating and constipation, followed by emergency surgery. (But I was very extreme so please don't worry! Just do keep an eye on it.)

I seem to have written you an essay! In summary it's good that you're getting closer to a diagnosis and if you do have endo then there's no reason IVF wouldn't work for you. Good luck! smile

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