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Crazy crazy ovaries after failed IVF (ouch!)

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NotSpartacus Thu 28-Apr-16 17:56:28

Got my 'period' after failed IVF last Thesday, so I guess this is CD10.

On Monday/ Tuesday (CD7 and 8) i had gobs and gobs of EWCM and sore ovaries (both sides). I sometimes suffer with extreme ovulation pain, so thought maybe I was ovulating early. Yesterday the pains went and CM dried up so I ought I had ovulated. Today it has started up again, negative OPK but my ovaries feel like they are bursting, pelvic floor pressure and all that good stuff.
Doing the occasional OPK but not charting BBT this month because it all seems a bit redundant when you've been doing IVF, though now I am clueless about what's going on.
Has anyone else had this? Am I going to be wincing when I sit down all cycle?

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