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cervical mucus

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Sophie3001 Sun 24-Apr-16 17:05:05

Hey ladies. Been ttc for nearly 2 years and have pcos. 2 failed rounds of 50mg clomid and currently on 1st month 1500mg metformin and 100mg clomid. On cycle day 14. I have had this cervical mucus for several days now can this is be classed as egg white as it's very stretchy just not clear? It's the only thing I track as opks don't work for me.

Any answers will be very helpful.

MattDillonsPants Sun 24-Apr-16 19:39:54

In my experience the egg white mucus only showed up for a day at most. What you're showing in the pic is not perhaps stretchy enough or clear enough. Google image will see that usually, the stretch is longer than that you've shared.

underrugsswept Sun 24-Apr-16 19:42:12

I have EWCM for up to 7 days some months. Before it I usually have some creamy but stretchy stuff (not clear) but the EWCM is clear. We're all different though so I'd definitely be DTD in your position. Some people don't have visible EWCM at all and still get pregnant (including my best friend!).

MattDillonsPants Sun 24-Apr-16 19:43:34

Maybe OP just needs to keep looking at it...maybe it will change to clear then? Either way as you say Underrug, she needs to be dtd!

Sophie3001 Mon 25-Apr-16 11:02:40

Thank for your input guys much appreciated. It's still the same consistency today. I'm getting rather confused with it all and frustrated because I only have 2 cycles left of metformin and clomid before iui or I've is suggested which I don't like the sound of sad

underrugsswept Mon 25-Apr-16 12:42:52

Keep DTD every other day!

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