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Buserelin injections but no period!

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SBSparkles Fri 22-Apr-16 14:12:31

Hi! Just feeling a bit worried as I've been injecting Buserelin for 12 days now and I've not had a period. My body got all geared up and I got pains sore big boobs, the works, then nothing! I called my clinic expecting them to put my mind at rest but they said to come in early next week for a scan if it's still not started. I'm worried I'm not responding properly or that it's not working! Feeling lonely in this and no one to ask! Please help! Thanks x

Caly36 Fri 22-Apr-16 19:42:48

Hey there don't worry on my first cycle I didn't get my period before my down reg scan so I rang the clinic they scanned me anyway and told me to start using the pessaries for 2 days and then suddenly stop them which would bring on a bleed. I started bleeding after the scan and even more after the pessaries so it worked so had a scan a week later and then started stimulation drugs. There are always options so don't stress out. My first was negative and just finished my second fresh cycle which was a negative too so just trying to get my body back to normal before I even think about what to do next. Good luck with your cycle xxx

SBSparkles Fri 22-Apr-16 21:18:17

Thanks so much for replying! I am sorry to hear your first attempts were unsuccessful but don't give up. I hear of lots of people having success in their third cycles. I wish you lots of luck for your next go! Weirdly my period started after I lay on my bed with lavender oil burning and listening to a guided meditation! I think it might now explain the high emotions these past few days. I normally get PMT but this was like mega!! Almost feel normal again now and glad to have period pains again! Thanks and good luck! Xx

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