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Anyone in the 2WW from IVF/ICSI/FET?

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MrsChrisPratt Mon 18-Apr-16 12:18:06

I had two 5 day blasts transferred on Thursday....driving myself mad googling stories of positives at 4dpt and wondering if I should test - I haven't caved yet though. Is anyone else at this stage?

stealthbanana Mon 18-Apr-16 13:52:37

I am! Had a single hatching blast transferred on Friday afternoon so am 3dp5dt. Am feeling very negative about the whole thing, have no symptoms and it just seems v unlikely to have worked. Am surprised by how gloomy and stressed I'm feeling sad

When are you trying to hold out til, test wise?

MrsChrisPratt Mon 18-Apr-16 13:59:15

I'm feeling pretty negative too. Mine was a FET and the results at my clinic are not great. About 22%....Only a sample size of 20 though so probably not large enough to be representative. I'm tempted to test tomorrow at 5dp5dt but think maybe that is too early hmm.

Was yours a fresh cycle?

stealthbanana Mon 18-Apr-16 14:06:45

Mine was a FET too - I have PCOS and had loads of blasts and had mild ohss so we did a freeze all and did PGS on all the blasts.

My clinic has v good odds but I just can't help feeling that I've been on the wrong side of those odds to date so why would now be any different?! Really need to pull myself together.

5dp5dt is early! That's tomorrow for you! When did you clinic say to test?

MrsChrisPratt Mon 18-Apr-16 14:22:31

Yes, I know it's really early....I keep reading stories on the internet about people getting bfps at 4dp5dt etc but know that that is unlikely to happen. I am feeling waves of nausea every now and then and noticing smells a lot more...pretty convinced it is in my head or caused by the hrt / Progesterone thoughconfused....drives you mad, doesn't it!

How many previous cycles have you gone through? Is this your first post the original fresh? Having pgs definitely significantly ups yours chances!

stealthbanana Mon 18-Apr-16 14:30:45

I haven't had much by way of symptoms from the hrt/progesterone - a slightly upset tummy (tmi) which I think might be because I am also on metformin which tends to send things a bit haywire down there if there is any kind of unusual imbalance

Yes this is my first transfer. Have been completely unprepared for how hard it's hit me emotionally. Up until now I've been just plodding along going through all the steps. Had a horrible time physically with ohss but emotionally have been fine.

Is this your first transfer too?

MrsChrisPratt Mon 18-Apr-16 14:41:44

No- I had two fresh rounds of ICSI last year, transferred a 5 day blast first time round which failed, then second time round I didn't make it to transfer due to a weird internal bleed/traumatic event that landed me in hospital for a few days before Xmas. This is my first FET. It is very difficult emotionally and sometimes physically too! How long have you been TTC? It's nearly three years now for us...I just want it to happen!

stealthbanana Mon 18-Apr-16 14:56:06

Oh wow. Sounds like you've had a rough ride. At least the FET is a bit easier physically than a fresh cycle! Is this your only frostie?

It's been just over a year for us - I had suspicions something wasn't right so as soon as I came off the pill I started pushing for investigations and went from there (aided by a very generous private insurance policy). I ended up doing IVF almost by accident - I was on low dose gonal f to try to do IUI via ovulation induction in February and I grew too many follies on my second cycle so it was converted to IVF. All very sudden! Haven't really processed it all, I guess.

But know what you mean about just wanting it to happen - it's excruciating all this waiting around!

MrsChrisPratt Mon 18-Apr-16 15:12:55

Wow, I bet that came as a bit of a surprise! The FET is certainly easier physically. We had 6 frosties, and ended up thawing 3 this time round as 1 didn't survive and we wanted to transfer 2. Did you freeze all due to ohss or because you wanted pgs?

stealthbanana Mon 18-Apr-16 15:24:18

Primarily due to ohss - doctor knew it was going to be a problem as I have severe PCOS so I was never in the game for a fresh transfer. But it's been a definite silver lining to be able to do PGS on them all - we had 20 freezeable blasts and only 10 passed PGS so well worth doing!

Great that you've still got some in the freezer. Makes it a teeny bit easier knowing you have back up, I must say!

MrsChrisPratt Mon 18-Apr-16 15:49:03

I guess at least you were prepared...I had mild ohss with my last fresh cycle as well-its not fun! I imagine having the full blown version is a lot worse! When are you planning to test?

stealthbanana Mon 18-Apr-16 16:07:22

Yes. I had a full week off work to recover but didn't need to be hospitalised or anything, so silver lining!

I am thinking 8dpt to test, although I might crack and go for 7. Not sure though! Not sure if I prefer knowing bfn or living in denial sad

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