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Guys Hospital fertility appointment - what questions should I be asking??

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LondonBerry Mon 18-Apr-16 10:14:06

Am 38 years old.

TTC for 8 months.

2 chemical early miscarriages.

My GP has done lots of fertility tests and results are:

Day 21 progesterone = 36 nmol/L
Day 1 LH hormone = 7.6 IU/L
Day 1 FSH hormone = 5.1 IU/L
Thyroid TSH function = 3.64mIU/L


We are waiting on results from husbands sperm.


What further tests will fertility clinic do?

Any other questions I should be asking them?

I was going to ask these questions:

1. Levels above for progesterone, FSH, LH etc are they all in ideal range?

2. Can we do a test for antral follicle count? What would be the normal range for someone of my age?

3. Would taking progesterone help?

4. Would taking clomid help?

5. Can we try IVF?

broodykingy Fri 22-Apr-16 13:57:51

Hi LondonBerry,

I'm not able to help as I am too waiting for my hospital appointment after various tests and 1 1/2 yrs of TTC. The doctor actually didn't get me my actual results, just that they were ok so maybe I should be asking about them when I go.

I just didn't want to read and not comment.

Your post has helped me too in terms of things I should be thinking to ask and hope some others can shed some light for you.

Hope all goes well!!

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