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High round cell count (semen analysis). Any experiences?

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CaveMum Fri 08-Apr-16 08:39:54

DH and I had our daughter two years ago using Ovulation Induction (injections) due to my PCOS.

We've been through the lengthy process of sorting out our referral to start treatment again and were due to start imminently but DH's latest sperm analysis has shown a high round cell count and they've postponed treatment until he gets a better result - his analysis showed a level of 26 when his previous one (6 months ago) showed 6.

The Dr explained there are 2 schools of thought on round cells, one is that it's an infection so treat with antibiotics. The other says that they are immature/deformed sperm and nothing can be done. DH is on a course of antibiotics at the moment but we need to wait 8 weeks before we can repeat the tests.

Anyone else had any experience in this? It is frustrating because our treatment is now delayed and we have time factor pressures on us due to DH changing jobs in September - he will be living away from home 5 days a week (military).

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