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HelsBels978 Tue 05-Apr-16 23:38:05

Hi, first post so please bear with me.....
Ttc for 2 years, had NHS tests including hsg, all normal. We have been told we need to be trying 3 yrs before they will help us further so we feel going private is only option left, I am 37.
Seen simply fertility in Chelmsford and Herts and Essex and we are still undecided.
Does anyone have any experience of either clinics? All reviews would be gratefully received!
Is in house lab/ treatment better then out of house? Do I choose the one closest to home?
Thanks in advance for any advice

cheapredwine Wed 06-Apr-16 18:12:04

Have you looked in the HFEA website? There's a ton of information on each clinic there including success rates by age etc, which might make a difference for your decision. In terms of choosing the one closest to home or not, it depends really how much you value convenience over possible chances of success (to put it crudely). Personally no, I would never choose the nearest clinic just to ensure less travelling. I don't know much about in house / out of house lab facilities etc, but it shouldn't make much / any difference. Also if you've not discovered Fertility Friends there are probably threads specific to both clinics on there as well as ladies who are currently cycling etc. Good luck OP

Danaust Wed 06-Apr-16 23:11:20

I went to h&e based on their success rates combined with location. It was my third cycle( previous 2 aboard whilst expats, both bfp's-1 dc and 1 mc), and the only one which Failed.

Based on my previous experience it was so much less professional, we felt like it was a money grab, on the day of retrieval ( after waking from sedation I was asked to sign documents to pay an additional 1000£ to do Isci which other than being unprofessional and unethical it was never discussed in any of our previous appts), we also got the impression that it is a one man show. 

At our follow up appt after the cycle failed the head of the clinic apologised for the above and noted it should have never happened. When asked why they felt the cycle performed so badly versus previous successes-they had no answers. Also when asked how we could improve the next cycle they weren't willing to offer anything different( they wanted to repeat the same protocol) and didn't recommend dhea, growth hormone, acupuncture etc( all of my suggestions based on my research).

I've since done a 4th cycle( abroad) where both growth hormone and acupuncture were included and am now 15 weeks with twins.

Had we been successful the 6k£ would be have been worth it, however we weren't keen to invest anything further in a clinic where they didn't even seem willing to incorporate changes to improve the outcomes.

goinggrey1978 Thu 07-Apr-16 06:34:50

Look at London's clinics, they have a higher success rate and have been doing treatment a lotl longer!

HelsBels978 Thu 07-Apr-16 08:29:20

Thanks all, I appreciate you taking the time to respond X

cheapredwine Thu 07-Apr-16 08:55:53

OP, I second going - do have a look at London clinics (Lister, ARGC, CRGH etc) as you're pretty close and they do have a ton of experience and expertise.

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