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Low progesterone experiences?

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TheCatsJimjams Thu 31-Mar-16 22:44:13

Hi ladies,

So today I got the result of my progesterone test from cycle 4 of clomid back. It was 27 nmol/l. This seems low. I'd read previously that they like it to be 30 to confirm ovulation but the consultant said that he was satisfied that I'd ovulated based on that number, and didnt refer to it as borderline or concerning.

I can't find anything NHS or NICE related which says what the threshold for considering ovulation to have occurred is- does anyone know?

Also, if that was considered low, does anyone have any idea what steps could or would be taken, on the NHS or privately, to address the issue? And if progesterone supplements are only available privately, can anyone indicate where I should be going?

Thanks so much!

cheapredwine Sat 02-Apr-16 13:32:27

I thought it was over 26 to confirm ovulation? I might be wrong though.

You can get Cyclogest (pessaries) on the NHS but your GP might be reluctant to prescribe them, might need to get them from a consultant. They are not particularly expensive privately either if that helps. Low progesterone in early pregnancy is normally (I think) treated with Cyclogest on NHS, but there are also vaginal gels like Crinone (never used it but supposed to be horribly messy) and Gestone intra-muscular injections, which take a bit of getting used to but not that commonly prescribed NHS AFAIK.

Don't know if that helps? Sounds like you're more needing to know if you ovulate or not? Have you tried ovulation sticks? The progesterone support above is more for early pregnancy rather than TTC really...

TheCatsJimjams Sat 02-Apr-16 14:27:39

Thanks so much for your reply. That's really helpful.

I don't know what the threshold is, but I am fairly confident I'm ovulating. I am using ovulation tests and I'm also charting and do get a sustained temperature rise just after positive ovulation tests which is followed 15 days later by a period so I'm really more concerned that my low progesterone level might be inhibiting successful implantation, since apparently that is possible and I have experienced miscarriage and chemical pregnancies. I'll have to ask my consultant and then go private if I don't get any joy. Thanks again for your help!

cheapredwine Sat 02-Apr-16 18:30:57

Low progesterone can make a huge difference so definitely raise it with your consultant, good luck OP! (If you do end up on Cyclogest, strongly recommend you use them up the back rather than vaginally, it's less messy and they can irritate the cervix)

TheCatsJimjams Sat 02-Apr-16 19:32:36

Thanks for the tip, much appreciated!!

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