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Infertility and work/career - how has it affected you?

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gcrbear Tue 29-Mar-16 17:16:56

I have experienced multiple miscarriages in trying to conceive and I wanted to understand some of the challenges I have faced in regards to career planning and dealing with miscarriage. I am therefore researching the subject for my masters dissertation. I am looking for any women who might be willing to partake in an online discussion board to share their thoughts on the challenges and issues they have faced in navigating TTC and being engaged in a career.

Would anyone be interested? I am looking for 10-15 participants who are:

Aged between 30-44 years.
Have had either two or more miscarriages.
Had originally planned to combine career and having a family or had made a decision to slow down or change career in order to have children.
Now consider that they have had to re-think their career path because of the challenges they have faced in TTC.


Are now asking themselves ‘what now?’ and feel ‘stuck’ in terms of their career knowing that the difficulties/confusion they face is linked with the challenges of miscarriage/infertility.

Please PM if you are interested - I would be so so grateful

gcrbear Tue 29-Mar-16 17:47:08

Hi I am sorry but when I talk about miscarriage, I want to include the horrible challenges faced by those experiencing infertility too so looking for women who have experienced infertility for 1+ years.
Thank you so much

MrsDarcy4092 Thu 31-Mar-16 10:05:13

I have never been pregnant, ttc for Over two years now and have totally changed career pathways. I would be interested in participating

gcrbear Thu 28-Apr-16 10:45:31

Hi MrsDarcy I am about to start the forum next week and was wondering if you were still interested? Please don't worry if you are not but wanted to make sure. Many thanks

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