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IVF after miscarriage

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bananafish81 Sat 26-Mar-16 21:49:27

Does anyone have experience of IVF after a miscarriage, and how long you had to wait before you were allowed to cycle again?

(asking in infertility as most of the m/c threads seem to be about natural BFPs, so thought an IVF related question might be more appropriate here)

I had an ERPC last week, after a MMC at 10w (baby measured 9+3 with no fetal heartbeat), after our 2nd cycle of IVF

My consultant had said that he recommended 3 months between fresh cycles - I don't yet know how long we will have to wait until we can go again after m/c however

From what I've read elsewhere online, it seems 3 cycles are usually recommended to give you time to recover physically and emotionally. I am keen to cycle again as soon as we are allowed to!

I know you are supposedly more fertile after a m/c and the old advice to wait for one cycle was mainly due to dating purposes

I'll find out in our post-ERPC follow up in a couple of weeks time what my Dr recommends, but I'd be very grateful to know what anyone else was told?

bananafish81 Sat 26-Mar-16 21:52:53

* re "waiting for 3 cycles" - meant as "3 menstrual cycles" - somewhat confusing use of cycles for both natural cycles and IVF cycles! confused


SesameSparkle Mon 28-Mar-16 10:01:02

Hi, I'm sorry for your loss. flowers I did another ivf round on my next period after mc. My hcg had dropped to zero and the fc tested my progesterone which showed I'd ovulated following the mc. I had a natural mc, I don't know if an erpc makes a difference. It's not ideal to get going so quickly, but it's what I wanted and the doc let me do it. I think someone else on my thread waited a couple of cycles more - her fc were more insistent.

bananafish81 Mon 28-Mar-16 11:55:30

Likewise Sesame I'm so sorry for your loss

That's really encouraging that you were able to go again so quickly. My Dr was happy to bend the rules for my 2nd cycle (which got cancelled due to failure to down reg, and postponed till my next period) which we started 6 weeks after my prev IVF cycle. So maybe he will be happy to go again quickly if/when my cycles regulate

At the moment I'm 2 weeks post mc and still getting blazing BFPs, so think the hCG has a way to go sad I'm guessing the further along the higher the levels, so as I was nearly 10w, I prob shouldn't be surprised it's not out of my system yet

Not that I'm impatient. Ohhh, no.

Grumpelstiltskin Mon 28-Mar-16 21:30:09

Hello again banana! Hope you're doing ok. Marking place as also very interested in understanding all the potential options and hearing about people's experiences with this.

Medicated or natural FET I think is A-ok at my clinic after a first post-mc AF (and so therefore starting treatment during the next one), but with only having one lonely frostie I'm not holding out too much hope that I won't need another fresh cycle as well in the future.

Will make consultation appt this week hopefully to get some advice and clarity on it all. Also v impatient to move forward...

bananafish81 Mon 28-Mar-16 21:39:51

Hey there! Please do keep us posted grumpel - really glad you can get going so soon

I'm keen to try for another fresh cycle to see if we can replicate the response from the last cycle; really hoping we can try and get enough blasts for PGS. My ovaries have been rested since Jan, but not sure if/how the preggo hormones may affect things

I'm also going to push for a hysteroscopy before we put anything else back - that's the one thing (apart from my ERPC, which they covered in full) that I should be able to get on BUPA. If the Dr says it's for painful periods, that's a gynae issue, and not specifically fertility related, which they do pay out for. My friend said that's what he did for her lap and dye, so fingers crossed I can get that sorted

Post ERPC follow up is in a fortnight's time, so I shall report back in due course

Grumpelstiltskin Mon 28-Mar-16 21:57:11

Banana I had a hysteroscopy in Dec after my initial scan at FC showed a rogue polyp. Totally, totally worth doing imho. Even though (impatient as always) I did it privately through my clinic about 6 days later so had to pay!

Have a scan at EPU this week to check all the 'products' have gone sad (they thought my uterus was bigger than it should be for a 7wk embryo/ 9wk MMC hence proactive check up) so will see what they say then as to whether I will consider another hysteroscopy. This time I'll endeavour to remember I have BUPA through DH!

bananafish81 Mon 28-Mar-16 22:02:19

BUPA were, I have to say brilliant with the ERPC. We found out I'd had a MMC at 10am, I spoke to the Dr at 10.30, they called back by 11.30 with details about the op and the procedure code to give to BUPA, I spoke to BUPA at 12 to get it pre authorised, they gave me the authorisation code for the op & all the consultants' fees (my Dr and the anaesthetist) and one follow up consultation right there and then - I was in theatre by 6pm later that day, and home by 10pm

Definitely worth speaking to BUPA if you have it via DH's work.

bananafish81 Mon 28-Mar-16 22:03:12

And so so sorry to hear about post ERPC complications. Really hope they can get it all sorted. As if m/c wasn't hard enough as it is thanks

eurochick Mon 28-Mar-16 22:34:38

When I had my mc after my first IVF cycle I was absolutely desperate to cycle again ASAP but actually I needed to heal a bit physically and mentally. In the end I mcd in March and cycled again in June. Even that was a bit soon tbh. I was doing natural IVF but switched to mild stimms because I had several follies trying to grow by themselves. I understand the wish to crack on but give yourself time to heal. X

bananafish81 Mon 28-Mar-16 22:40:36

Thanks eurochick - I hope your cycle had a positive outcome?

I'm desperate to get going as soon as I'm allowed as personally I find the waiting part the hardest - the cycle itself is the easy bit. Also my last cycle we started v soon after my first cycle, because my follicle count was very decent, because my ovaries were still slightly stimulated from the previous cycle. With my crappy ovarian reserves we definitely saw a massive benefit to going again so quickly - someone with almost undetectable AMH of 1.5 isn't supposed to get 17 eggs!

To do PGS we need to get as many blasts as possible, so the less time hanging around the better. For me emotionally I'd find pushing back the cycle much harder to deal with than going sooner. However everyone is different so it's absolutely vital that you only start another cycle when you feel mentally and physically ready.

As soon as the Dr gives the green light on the latter point, I'll be in there like a shot!

Naughty1205 Mon 28-Mar-16 22:47:58

So sorry for your loss. As a veteran of IVF, I believe you can go again once you have a normal period. So say your AF is due in 3 weeks, let that happen and prepare for the next cycle. This is what I was told at my clinic and what I have discussed with others who have gone through miscarriage. Also depends how you are feeling mentally as well as physically. If you're up for going again ASAP I'd be pushing for that once your normal AF had returned. I had 5 rounds of ivf and after a chemical pregnancy was told I could go again as soon as I liked. Not comparing chemical to a miscarriage at all, just for reference. Best of luck to you.

bananafish81 Tue 29-Mar-16 00:35:05

Thanks so much naughty, very much appreciated

I have no idea when AF will turn up, probably not any time in the immediate future, as I'm still getting blazing BFP lines, so hCG levels seem to have a way to go before my body realises it's no longer pregnant, and my cycles kick back into gear. I imagine the further along you are the longer it'll take for levels to fall, so I guess at 9.5 weeks it's gonna take a wee while...

Both cycles have been short protocol- although the second was initially an attempt at long protocol, which we abandoned when I failed to down regulate properly. So in theory whenever we cycle next will be off a natural AF - although I'd be (pleasantly) surprised if we were able to go immediately following my first natural AF.

Great to hear that other ladies have been able to go again so quickly, if they were eager and felt ready to do so!

bananafish81 Thu 07-Apr-16 18:16:40

Hi ladies, as you were so helpful, just thought I'd post a quick update

3+ weeks post ERPC and I am still getting blazing BFPs. Saw Dr for a scan this morning: no retained products, no damage to lining apparent, nothing left behind, we know there was no sign of a molar pregnancy, so there doesn’t seem to be anything sinister going on. Had bloods done, will have results when we’re back in on Monday for our post-ERPC follow up, so we can see where we stand.

Dr says we can crack on with our next IVF cycle as soon as my hormones are back to normal levels - so I hope my hCG is on its way down! Hopefully all being well I'll be stimming again in the next few weeks smile

Will find out on Monday if we'll have to wait for a natural AF, or if, as long as my hormones are where they need to be, we can bring on a bleed with Provera. Not sure yet! But so relieved we don't have to wait months . We'll be doing a banking cycle (possibly two) for PGS so nothing will be transferred for a few months - and Dr said my ovaries have been well rested since the stims in Jan, so from a physical POV, he's happy for us to crack on.

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