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over 40 and having IVF treatment

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tallamou Wed 23-Mar-16 11:33:21

I had several cycles of IVF in my 40's. It was an extraordinary journey and an emotional rollercoaster. I struggled to find the humanity in this highly medicalised process, which was so far removed from the qualities of nurturing and gentleness that I associated with fertility and conception. I read about the negative impact of stress and anxiety on IVF outcomes, looked at the percentage probabilities of someone in my age group and with my particular set of hormone levels succeeding and found myself feeling more stressed and more anxious. Over that 18 month period, I tried just about anything and everything I could think of to support me through treatment and give myself the best possible chance of success, despite the appalling odds. The list is exhaustive and ranged from acupuncture through to nutritional medicine, 5 rhythms dancing and hypnotherapy. Based on my own experience, both of what I found helpful and what I would love to have had, together with research on the effects of mind-body techniques by the likes of Dr. Alice Domar, I have put together a weekend workshop for women over 40, engaged in or considering IVF. It's an opportunity to go beyond the stress and anxiety and spend a weekend engaging your body, heart and mind in creating a fertile inner space. It takes place in London 31st April/1st May. Its a small group, for a maximum of 6 people and its the first one, I hope of many. If it speaks to you and you would like to participate, Please get in touch...

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