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Anyone else on the dreaded IVF two week wait?

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Polar81 Tue 15-Mar-16 16:18:12

This is my first round of IVF ever...had my embryo transfer last Saturday (12.3.16) and just wondering if anyone else if going through the dreaded 2ww and would like to chat / share their experience. Our cycle seemed to go pretty well - had one day 5 hatching blastocyst put back in and had another 5 frozen. I'm trying to keep my mind off every cramp, ache and pain and be relaxed about everything but it's just sooo hard!

RebeccaNoodles Tue 15-Mar-16 18:06:10

Hi Polar, I'm not there yet (see my thread pre-IVF limbo) but I wanted to wish you well. Sounds like it's going really well so far - fingers crossed. Do you have to go into work or can you relax and watch box sets? Good luck in any case, fingers crossed and chocolate for you smile

McPheeNicks Tue 15-Mar-16 18:09:37

Hello there, and good luck! I had FET yesterday, and testing on Easter Sunday. I've got two 3d embryos onboard. Not the best quality, but fingers crossed. smile

Honeybee79 Tue 15-Mar-16 18:18:02

This is also my first cycle. Due to go in for a blood test a week tmrw. Had two day 3 embryos transferred on Sunday.

Good luck everyone!!

Everhopeful76 Tue 15-Mar-16 19:52:09

Yes. Had 2 -day transfer ( 2 embryos) put back on Sunday. Put back early in view of total number of eggs collected and my age, am 39.

Already twitchy. And have nausea but also excessive hunger and excessive tiredness. Good luck all

Everhopeful76 Tue 15-Mar-16 19:53:50

I'm also testing on Easter sunday McPhee nicks

Polar81 Tue 15-Mar-16 20:19:22

Wow - just seeing these responses has given me a boost...thanks for all your well wishes ladies. It's great to know there's other people in the IVF can feel pretty lonely sometimes!

Good luck to you too Rebecca smile I run my own business from home - it's weddings based so pretty busy at the mo, but at least it's keeping my mind off it.

Honeybee, is your blood test a pregnancy test? I've just been given a clearblue...not sure if I have to do bloods at some point too.

McPheeNicks and Everhopeful - good luck with your tests! Mines Good Friday and I'm dreading it. I am blessed to have one DD who is 3y9m. We tried for 3 years before conceiving her (randomly and naturally) and I didn't find out I was pregnant till 8 weeks as I couldn't stand taking any more tests and getting a negative.

Well wishes to all you ladies and here's hoping for some BFP's! smile

GlummyMummy Tue 15-Mar-16 20:36:46

Hi Polar81- wow, that's great you had one put back and 5 to freeze! Great outcome, fingers crossed for you!! Hope you are getting a chance to rest up. I had my ET on Sunday, 2nd time at IVF for us ( we have a 21 month old from our first go!) The 2ww is a lot harder with a toddler biting at my heels!!! I've not had any symptoms at all....mind you I don't recall getting any first time round either.

Honeybee79 Tue 15-Mar-16 20:36:50

Hi, yes my blood test is a pregnancy test. I asked if I should just take a test at home and they said no, they always do a blood test as more accurate (I thought pregnancy tests were pretty accurate!), they'll do the test in the morning and results back a few hours later. Blood test detects hcg levels.

Ilikesweetpeas Tue 15-Mar-16 20:38:46

I'm long past the 2ww stage (IVF baby is now 8!) but I remember it so well. Good luck to you all, I really hope that you all get positive results flowers

Polar81 Tue 15-Mar-16 21:40:47

GlummyMummy - that's great that the IVF worked the first time round and good luck with it this time too. I like hearing success stories smile In terms of symptoms, I've just felt quite crampy (mild-ish period feeling), which I hate because I keep thinking my AF might come. I have read that it is the ovaries readjusting themselves after all the stims though and try to put it to the back of my mind.

Honeybee - good luck with the bloodtest and I hope it comes back BFP.

Ilikesweetpeas - I'm looking forward to not having to think about fertility / IVF seems to have dominated my thoughts for so long now (even with my DD). Here's hoping that we can complete our family soon smile

I'll try and check back on this thread and would be great to compare experiences and share outcomes if anyone is interested.

McPheeNicks Wed 16-Mar-16 11:42:07

Great to see I'm not alone. Hoping great success for us all. This is my second FET of our second IVF. Still six more embryos in the freezer.

I'm not feeling too bad today (ignoring the hormonal mini meltdown in the morning over "it's never going to work", and "I'm so fat and ugly and hate all my clothes" hmm ). It looks quite nice outside today, and I'm managing to function like a normal person so far. I hope you're all keeping sane and managing to catch a bit of sunshine.

Polar81 Wed 16-Mar-16 19:16:22

Lol McPheeNicks! It's funny how mood can change so quickly - I've definitely had those moments of 'it's just never going to work, why are we bothering', followed y googling potential baby names etc and feeling optimistic! I blame the hormones smile

Everhopeful76 Wed 16-Mar-16 19:47:52

I have been so hungry today, and my appetite had been appalling for months. Maybe that's a sign but probably be too early. Been told the hcg trigger shot would likely be in my system till tomorrow, so maybe that's why I feel different. It's a mind blow

Honeybee79 Tue 22-Mar-16 15:47:10

How's everyone doing?

Taking all my willpower not to test early (had day 3 embroyos x 2 transferred 9 days a go)!

ChoChang Wed 23-Mar-16 20:58:13

Hi ladies. Can I please join you on the 2ww thread? I had my embryo transfer today so into the waiting game now.

Its our first cycle, and had 1 decent quality day 5 blast put back. I had 6 eggs collected, 4 fertilized, but 1 stopped developing. The one I've had put back was the best and they're giving the other two til tomorrow to see if they continue to develop and can be frozen.

How are you all getting on with the wait? Honeybee at 9 days after transfer I can totally understand you wanting to test early -is it your blood test tomorrow? Looks like Easter Sunday is a big day on this thread! Good luck to everyone x

TipBoov Thu 24-Mar-16 12:55:33

I had a FET transfer on Monday (2 blastocysts) and my test date is next Sunday.

I'm so nervous, every symptom is making me second guess the result sad

ChoChang Thu 24-Mar-16 14:10:06

Tip my test date is also next Sunday, we can try and keep eachother sane until then! I'm only just over 24 hours since my transfer so not guessing at symptoms just yet but it's only a matter of time.

Are you working on the 2ww? I've taken time off but going to have to come up with some plans to occupy my mind or I think it's going to be tough especially in the second week. You got any plans?

TipBoov Thu 24-Mar-16 15:46:22

I went back to work the next day because I just don't have the leave to spare unfortunately! When do you go back to work?

I don't feel as sore as I first did after the transfer, but I do feel bloated! I think the symptoms of the progesterone pessaries are the same as early pregnancy!

My clinic dos say I can test a few days early but I think I'll try and hang on until Sunday as I'll drive myself mad otherwise incase it's a false result.

ChoChang Thu 24-Mar-16 16:56:47

I'm off for 2 weeks. Fortunately my leave year just started so I decided to just take the time off. To be honest though Im not sure whether it's totally a good idea as I reckon by next week I might be thinking I'd welcome the distraction of work! Hope you're managing ok being back in and its helping to focus on something else for a while.

I was pretty bloated and sore after the collection until the day before transfer, but don't have any symptoms at all now. Don't think the progesterone is really affecting me so far. I imagine it's really stressful for you if it's mimicking the symptoms of early pregnancy.

I know what you mean about testing early. The clinic gave us the date of the 3rd to test, which is 11 days post transfer. I didn't know with ivf whether this was still early or the fact that it's a day 5 embryo means it's really >2 weeks?! I'm pretty new to all this so just doing what they tell me really.

TipBoov Thu 24-Mar-16 22:25:42

Get stuck into some box sets on Netflix to take your mind off it! The 2ww must be the hardest part, as there's nothing we can do really, just wait.

I think blastocysts can mean that we get an accurate result earlier. I remember last time when I had a fresh cycle I tested on day 11, not day 14 as I'd been instructed to do, and it was an accurate bfp.

Have you started taking pregnancy vitamins? I've been taking folic acid but not sure whether to start pregnacare or something now or wait until I know if it's successful or not.

Is this your first IVF cycle?

ChoChang Fri 25-Mar-16 08:39:03

Yeah it's pretty much out of our hands now isn't it, besides being sensible.

I think movies and box sets is the way forward . Got a pretty busy Easter weekend so that should keep me occupied, but yeah next week I will need the distraction!

Been taking the seven seas 'trying for a baby' tablets but am about to run out and still have folic acid tablets left over so I think I will probably just take them until I know the outcome. My notes say vitamins aren't necessary if you have a healthy diet but obviously recommend the folic acid.

Yeah first cycle for me. How many have you done? Did getting a bfp on day 11 last time stress you out for a few days wondering I'd it was real? I know you said you were reluctant to test early this time for fear of that.

How's everyone else getting on? X

Everhopeful76 Fri 25-Mar-16 08:48:42

Hi ChoChang & TipBoov

I am testing on Easter Sunday, so am in the last couple of days madly symptom spotting. Considered testing early but am nearly there now, and can then relish in a couple of hopeful extra days of pregnant bliss
Box sets are the way to go. Last week I binged my way through happy valley and watched 4 episodes of Night Manager.
What symptoms are you experiencing for progesterone mimicking early pregnancy? I have found the pessaries quite a irritant locally which am slightly convinced is a UTI but its probably just those
Stay calm and good luck!!

ChoChang Fri 25-Mar-16 10:32:51

Well done for holding out Everhopeful, you're right you're nearly there now.

I'm the same the only effects I'm feeling so far from the progesterone is a bit of local irritation too. Wishing you all the luck in the world for Sunday!

Ilikesweetpeas Fri 25-Mar-16 14:59:16

Good luck ladies flowers

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