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Gonasi trigger

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ChoChang Tue 15-Mar-16 09:47:38


I'm currently undergoing my first round of ivf, and am due to take my trigger injection on Wednesday. At my final scan yesterday they gave me the instructions of how to do this, and when I got home I had a look at the box just to make sure it was the same set up as the Merional and Cetrotide I've been taking (thankfully it looks pretty similar).

The trigger is Gonsai, and I noticed that on the label it says 'unlicensed in the UK'. Should I be concerned about this at all? I did a quick Google and it seems to be a common trigger, but seeing that just made me worry a bit! I can call the clinic to check, but thought I'd ask here first as I'm brand new to all this and I don't know if that's a stupid question!

Thanks in advance ladies x

sparechange Tue 15-Mar-16 09:56:11

It looks like it is an HCG trigger, like Ovitrelle, but you need to mix it yourself from a powder
This means it is easier to store and probably cheaper per shot than Ovitrelle, which might be why your clinic has chosen to use it for the trigger.
Is it a private or NHS clinic?

Good luck for your egg collection!

ChoChang Tue 15-Mar-16 10:20:55

Thanks spare.

Yes, it's a pre filled water/saline syringe with a powder to mix, same set up as the cetrotide. At first when I saw the 'unlicensed' wording I panicked and thought maybe I had the wrong thing. However, it's in my log book under the same name and the Google search I did did show it as a common trigger, it was just the 'unlicensed in UK' thing that unnerved me a bit, but wasn't sure if that's just cos Im a newbie and not familiar with the various drugs etc!

It's an NHS unit with a great success rate so I think I'll just go with it. Thanks again x

Polar81 Tue 15-Mar-16 16:13:08

Hi, I took the Gonasi trigger on Saturday 5th March (also my first time IVF) and was absolutely fine. Had to mix two powders with one water and inject just like merrionel - it was at a very specific time though. Good luck with your treatment smile

ChoChang Tue 15-Mar-16 19:43:41

Hi Polar.

Thanks is for your reply. Ive done some more reading up on it this afternoon and feel ok about it now - good to know you were fine taking it too! Yes ive been given a specific time to take it on Wednesday too prior to egg collection on Fri.

Thanks for your well wishes. How are you coping with the waiting now that it's all done? I hope you get a positive outcome smile

Polar81 Tue 15-Mar-16 21:45:08

Glad you're feeling happier about it smile I'm actually finding the waiting bit the hardest part. I didn't find the injections / treatment side of things too bad really, but I think that's because I had a timetable to work towards and was updated on progress / successes etc. Now it's all done and it's just a waiting game! Good luck with your collection and hoping for a positive result for you too.

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