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Unexplained Fertility

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Emsie1987 Thu 10-Mar-16 14:43:59

Hello ladies,

I have just came back from the hospital and we have been told we have unexplained Fertility. We have both had all the blood tests, semen analysis and HSG and all results came back better than average apparently.

So they said our next step is IVF at St Barts. Six months for our consultation and then 3 months for treatment.

Does any ladies have any word of advice or sites they recommend to look up information about what we are letting ourselves in for.


broodypsycho Thu 17-Mar-16 18:12:32

How long have you been trying for? And no unfortunately I don't, research the hell out of it though, you can plenty of the internet and these message forums. Good luck smile

ChoChang Thu 17-Mar-16 18:39:20

Hi Emsie. Sorry youre going through this, it totally sucks. My dh and I are in the same boat with unexplained infertility. Got referred for IVF in November after around 3 years of ttc, with 2 chemical pregnancies/early miscarriages earlyish on then not a sniff of a bfp since then. All test results came back as normal and no reason they could tell us why its not happening for us. It's hard, because on the one hand you don't want anything to be 'wrong', but on the other hand, if they could pinpoint why it wasn't happening then maybe they could do something about it.

So, things have thanksfully moved pretty quickly for us. We had an appointment at the beginning of January at the clinic (nhs). They explained the ivf process and repeated some of the tests we's already had done. Then they applied for funding for the treatment, and we got started a couple of weeks ago. There was no waiting list at my clinic (I know we're very lucky in that respect). I've just completed 2 weeks of injections and am going in tomorrow for the egg collection procedure, so we're midway through the whole ivf process at the moment.

I can't tell you much more than that, I deliberately didn't look into the whole thing too much as I didn't want to get too stressed about it all (ha!) so have just been following whatever the clinic have told us to do. That's our experience so far, hope that helps in some small way. There are loads of people on here with great knowledge of the whole process so I'm sure if you have specific questions then someone will be able to help. Good luck with your journey smile

simplydivine05 Wed 30-Mar-16 20:37:18

As strange as this may sound, have you had your blood sugars checked?

Oooblimey Wed 30-Mar-16 23:13:53

Hi, we were told initially that we had unexplained infertility, then I had an ectopic which resulted in a Fallopian tube being removed so that didn't help! Long story short we were told unexplained infertility. After a test they found a bit of endometriosis but they lasered it off and said it should effect ttc. Anyway, after 5 years and 4 MC our last MC fetus was tested and found to have a chromosome issue. DH and I then had more tests and it turns out that DH is the carrier of a chromosome issue that results in me MC due to the fetus' having chromosome disabilities.
I actually found this to be a massive relief actually getting an answer as when it was "unexplained" and then losing a Fallopian tube I was really hard on myself feeling guilty.
It took 5 years for us to get the chromosome test, have you both been tested? I could definitely explain what you describe x

ChoChang Thu 31-Mar-16 09:47:08

Hi both. I've had blood sugars tested in the early days by gp before she referred us, all ok on that front. Not had any chromosome testing done, I guess that could be something to think about if this cycle doesn't work out. Got 3 days to go til test day. Been spotting since 3 days after the transfer so just got to wait and see (I usually get a lot of spotting in the run up to af). So sorry to hear about your ectopic and fallopian tube, and mc's, thats a lot to go through. What does the chromosome issue mean for you going forward?

Oooblimey Thu 31-Mar-16 11:04:30

DH has a chromosome translocation on chromosomes 13 & 17. I won't bore you with the science but basically it means that some of his sperm should be ok but some transfer disabilities to the embryo. Unfortunately there's no cure or way of checking the sperm.
In the future we could have ICSI but what they do is, they take a cell from the fertilised embryos and test the cell to see if it's got the chromosome issue. Fingers crossed to get one without the issue and if they do find one without the issue, that's the one they implant.
I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant with an untested embryo as a result of FET from out IVF last year. We didn't know about the chromosome thing at that point so this one couldn't be tested. Just keeping fingers crossed that I won't MC x

ChoChang Thu 31-Mar-16 12:28:00

Ah right, so they can test before putting any more embryos back. Although not the situation you would want, I guess that that's a really positive thing. And congratulations on your pregnancy, obviously I don't know anything about the chromosome issue but to get to 9 weeks at least seems hopeful to my uneducated eyes. Wishing you lots of luck x

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