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start dr today

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tillyann2013 Mon 07-Mar-16 07:17:00

After 5 years of secondary infertility we are at the start of our first IVF cycle. Nervous and a little bit excited at the same time. Will start buserlin this evening. Anyone else due to start?

TapDancingPimp Mon 07-Mar-16 12:03:47

Hi tillyann, come and join us if you like on the 'starting ivf' thread, there'll probably be a few ladies at the same stage as you smile.

LemonadeGirl08 Mon 07-Mar-16 15:10:31

Hi Tillyann I'm did my second injection of buserlin today so very similar to you. I'm nervous and excited and trying to to think about whilst thinking about it all the time! It seems quite surreal I never thought I'd be doing this but I guess no one does. Good luck with your first injection-it's really not too bad!

tillyann2013 Mon 07-Mar-16 16:50:40

Thanks tapdancingpimp, I'll take a look.

Lemonade I know what you mean, I never thought we'd get to this stage and it def seems a bit surreal. What clinic are you using? Is this your first time too?

tillyann2013 Mon 07-Mar-16 22:42:22

All done, easier than I thought!

LemonadeGirl08 Tue 08-Mar-16 09:36:56

Glad the first injection went smoothly!

I'm at Hammersmith, it's our first cycle we've been trying for two years and were very luck to get a quick referral. I'm unexplained but my OH has very poor morphology so we're doing icsi. Which was a bit of a surprise as all the previous dr's said his sperm analysis was fine until we went to ivf clinic. How long are you DRing for? I've got my first scan booked for the 22nd- that seems ages away!

tillyann2013 Tue 08-Mar-16 15:11:59

How are you getting on with your injections now? Any side effects or anything? I'm not sure how long I'll be dr for, they haven't said. I've just to call them when I start my bleed. Is that normal? No idea!

LittlePoot Tue 08-Mar-16 20:12:07

Hello - can I join you? I'm also five years into secondary infertility and started Buserelin yesterday. Second round for us though - first round just before Christmas. All went well in that we got three great looking blastocysts, but we had them tested for chromosomal issues and they were sadly all broken. I'm now 41 and we'd already had chromosomal issues with my first pregnancy (did not end well, ds aged 5 was pregnancy number 3) so we thought we should test. And what's an extra two and a half grand when you're already shelling out about seven grand?!!! Icsi here too because of poor morphology. So both of us are now up to our eyes in fertility boosting supplements and really hoping for some better results this time.

tillyann2013 Tue 08-Mar-16 22:01:51

Welcome littlepoot, sorry to hear of your failed cycle last time. Where are you cycling? My flaming jab really stung tonight and is already bruising. Don't know what I did wrong tonight.

tillyann2013 Tue 08-Mar-16 22:03:29

What supplements are you taking? I'm on the seven seas conception ones and my husband is taking proxeed Max I think?

LittlePoot Tue 08-Mar-16 22:27:58

I'm at the zita west clinic in London. They specialise in old people..... Supplements wise, flipping everything! Protein powder, myoinositol, high dose CoQ10, high vitamin d, high omega 3, pregnacare and some other anti oxidant. Oh, and melatonin. All aiming at improving egg quality. Husband is on boy pregnacare - wellman I think? High vitamin d and fish oil and some weird zita west own brand man powder. And we've both been told to eat higher protein, high fruit and veg and he's on daily tomatoes. God knows if any of it will make any difference but I don't think we can afford to do this again so we're throwing everything at it.

My injection stung tonight too! I seem to have more and less sensitive areas in my tummy rolls and I obviously picked a bad bit tonight. Helps me to exhale as the needle goes in.

tillyann2013 Wed 09-Mar-16 07:21:11

That's not old littlepoot! I've heard good things about coq10.
I've booked in for some reflexology on tues, mostly for relaxation but interested to see if it shows anything.
How long does the dr usually last? I'm itching to get flights and accommodation sorted but can't do anything yet.

LittlePoot Wed 09-Mar-16 08:17:49

I bet reflexology will be lovely. I've been having acupuncture on and off recently and it always makes me feel much better. My down regulation scan is on Friday 18th and they're expecting me to start stimulation a couple of days later. I think it was slightly longer last time just to fit in with the consultant's availability (!) but still around the two week mark. Where are you flying off to? Is your clinic overseas? Starting to get the Buserelin hot sweats. Need to drink more water.

LemonadeGirl08 Wed 09-Mar-16 11:58:30

Welcome Littlepoot! I'm sorry to hear of your failed first cycle it sounds like you've had a rough time of it. I've heard really good things about the Zita West clinic, I had hypnosis there which was something different (although obviously did not work!)

I'm also doing acupuncture which is nice and relaxing, might also book my self a couple of massages. Supplements wise I'm taking vitex, vit d, vit b complex and a pregnancy mulitvit. I'm also trying to do the high protein low carb thing but I'm not being a strict as I should be (sometimes I just need cake!)

What you do you guys think about cutting caffeine? I'm trying to cut back-just have it a few times a week but honestly that is the thing I find hardest to cut out.

I'm finding the injections quite stingy too might try my thigh next time is that allowed?!

I'm having such a crap day so far and have been teary since last night, I'm not sure whether to blame the burserelin or if it's just me being a moody cow!

miamiaMo Wed 09-Mar-16 12:24:22

Just want to say good luck with yr cycling

tillyann2013 Wed 09-Mar-16 18:30:25

Thank you miamiamo.
I haven't cut out caffeine completely, have a couple teas a day so not too crazy anyway.
Sorry to hear you're a bit weepy lemonade, remember it's just the drugs! I'm one day behind you so could be my turn next. I think the thigh is fine too, although my tummy is bigger than my thighs so more padding!

LittlePoot Wed 09-Mar-16 19:56:26

My tummy definitely has enough padding for a few more injections! Just weird how some bits are way more sensitive than others. I don't really drink tea or coffee so that's one less thing for me to worry about. My problem this time is cutting down on sugary stuff. Last time I was really good but this time I'm just not managing it. Hopefully that's not the defining factor in success....

Teary and moody is definitely the drugs I think. Are you on the pill as well? I've got a couple more days of Microgynon left and I'm pretty sure that on its own makes me moody. And the stress on top. Its no wonder we get a bit teary sometimes.

LemonadeGirl08 Wed 09-Mar-16 21:43:31

Thanks miamiaMo!

I've just had a long relaxing bath so I'm feeling much better now! I'm not on the pill- did know they put people on both! That sound intense!
I know what you mean Littlepoot for me I keep thinking is this coffee really going to make the difference between a BFP and a BFN..probably not but suppose I'd hate to have any regrets.

My thighs have plenty of padding so I'll try that in the morning!

tillyann2013 Wed 09-Mar-16 22:42:33

Jab no 3 done and not as stingy as last nights I'm pleased to say. However I'm really aware of my ovaries, is that normal? Like not in pain or anything but maybe just a dull ache in them if that makes sense? No other symptoms yet. How about you guys?

LittlePoot Thu 10-Mar-16 07:10:59

For downregulating, you shouldn't feel anything in the ovary region. You'll soon know about them when you start stimulation. All I feel on Buserelin is occasional hot flushes! Blimey - they really have got me drugged up then - I thought a month on the pill was normal?! Last one tonight then a week more on Buserelin before my scan.

LemonadeGirl08 Thu 10-Mar-16 10:51:50

Did the jab on my thigh this morning and although not as painful it bleed loads and is bruising so maybe that's not the way to go!

Pretty symptom free so far I think the teariness could have been caffeine withdrawal!

Little my scans not for another 12 days, I'll have been de regging for 17 days, maybe if you take the pill first you don't have to inject for so long?

LittlePoot Thu 10-Mar-16 12:27:22

Ooh - ouch! Yes, think tummy might be best then. Hope it doesn't bruise too much! I can't help but think all these amazing fertility consultants just kind of make the protocols up you know. There are so many little differences (like pill or no pill, different lengths of down reg) and I'm sure they're not very scientific in their decision to go one way or another - just they have their favourite ways and a feel for how things work! Maybe there's more basis to it than that, but I'm sure they do it by feel rather than by hard scientific evidence. Are either of you taking dexamethasone as well? That's another thing they have me on and I can't remember why. Probably egg quality given my history. Or an old (/not that old) lady thing..... I feel like a walking medicine cabinet!

tillyann2013 Thu 10-Mar-16 13:44:02

I did my thigh a couple times with gonal f when I had iui and it hurt too. I think tum is the best bet!

I'm worried I'm not taking enough crap, I only take my preconception vits and thyroid tablet. Nothing else. I haven't even been told when my scans are likely to be. Feel a bit like I'm winging it. Hopefully when I had longer at dr things will start happening hmm

tillyann2013 Fri 11-Mar-16 14:42:17

Hey, how you doing? I've had 4 injections so far and feel like I've been hit with a bus. Shattered. Could literally just sleep now. Dull niggly headache too. Hope you're fairing better than me

LemonadeGirl08 Fri 11-Mar-16 15:23:52

Hello ladies!

Tilly- weirdly my forth day of injections I felt awful! I actually had to have an afternoon nap which I never do and was just really out of sorts. The firth day was pretty rubbish too but now I'm on my 6th day and I feel absolutely fine so it will get better!

Little- It sounds like you are getting a more personalised treatment I'm only only Buserelin nothing else apart from my own self imposed supplements, but I'm doing this on the NHS so I think I'm getting the basic one size fits all treatment!

Hope everyone's doing well!

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