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Midcycle bleed clomide?!! Anyone?!!

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Honeybeez1986 Sun 06-Mar-16 20:34:01

Hello ladies, I feel really down and confused. I've compleated 3 cycles of clomide. Cycle length:
Cycle 1 : 35 days with ovulation
Cycle 2 : 34 days no ovulation
Cycle 3: 22 days uncertain of ovulation

I have taken a month off this month, as doc said to start on day 2 and as she gave me the meds of cd4 I gave this month a miss.
I am now on cd10 and have noticed blood again, it's mainly when I wipe but all symptoms are there for a period, I feel really upset as in not sure if clomide is messing me up more, do we continue to bed?is it a period? I'm really confused. My other half seems really Annoyed as he wasn't that supportive of me taking the clomide in the first place and now says that's I've messed things up even more. 😥😥

MagpieCursedTea Mon 07-Mar-16 09:21:08

That sounds really stressful, sorry to hear that your OH isn't being very supportive, it's hardly your fault! Can you call your doctor and ask them?

Honeybeez1986 Mon 07-Mar-16 10:48:34

He just feels that I over Medicate by taking the clomide.. And now it's causing me more issues he's kind of like 'I told u so' and 'you do this to your self'
I phoned the doc but she's not been to helpful, most she said was you should have smear test. But no other reason to why I'm bleeding in between and if I should continue with clomide or not 😐

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