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Embryoglue-did you use it?

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waitingimpatient Sun 06-Mar-16 08:18:13

If you have had a successful IVF cycle did you use embryoglue?

I've used it in 2 cycles now but no luck last time and looks like this cycle has failed too sad
I'm now wondering about not using it next time as it hasn't helped and is very expensive but I wanted to get some opinions

Obviously there could have been many issues as to why my IVF didnt work but I think I just want to hear from others to help with my decision and if everyone who has had success comes and says they didn't use it then I think I'll save my £350 next cycle !

wineandcheeseplease Sun 06-Mar-16 08:24:33

Yes, our clinic used it as standard but we were on the NHS so it was included.

waitingimpatient Sun 06-Mar-16 08:38:40

Thanks wineandcheese did it work and do you mind me asking what stage the embryos were?
We used it with day two and day three embryos in a FET cycle. I'm wondering if it's better for blastocysts ?

Just trying to work out what to do next cycle

wineandcheeseplease Sun 06-Mar-16 08:40:14

Ours was a 5 day blastocyst and yes, it worked. It was out first cycle. I really hope you have luck next cycle

waitingimpatient Sun 06-Mar-16 08:42:13


I'm wondering if that's the key issue, that it works better for blastocysts as it aids implantation and they are ready to implant? I just need to get some embryos to day 5 next time !

cheapredwine Sun 06-Mar-16 16:18:22

No, wasn't an option (ARGC) and TBH never thought about it! (2 top grade and 1 not quite so good day 5 blasts put back, initially twin pregnancy but now currently 22 weeks with little boy). My (uneducated) opinion would be there are probably other factors which are more important to get right than embryoglue - precise timing of EC and ET, scratch, immunes etc (latter controversial though obviously) Good luck OP

waitingimpatient Sun 06-Mar-16 16:32:01

Yes I've been looking into immunes i had a combination of clexane, aspirin, steroids and progesterone this cycle but perhaps that wasn't enough so going to research Intralipids
I had a trigger so afaik ET was timed perfectly. Seems I have an implantation issue though and embryo glue hasn't helped us at all. I'm weighing up whether to ask about a scratch as I think the problem lies with egg/embryo quality rather than uterine environment although could be both I suppose

It's never easy is it

cheapredwine Sun 06-Mar-16 18:02:01

Good thing about intralipids is they are relatively cheap and very benign. Thing is AFAIK they only generally treat one type of immune cells - cytokines. If you have high Natural Killer cells (NK cells) I don't think they tend to help so much. Only my understanding though! It's not so much the timing of the trigger, it's the clinic predicting exactly when the embryos will be best transferred. And similarly with EC - getting them to the perfect maturity etc. But yes, it's a total minefield and never really knowing either what worked or what didn't is very tough. I think the scratch is definitely worth doing anyway, though previously I had it done awake and it's not the nicest feeling (this time it was done as part of a hysto so was happily sedated!) Really hope things work out for you OP.

cheapredwine Sun 06-Mar-16 18:03:52

Oh also, guess you were on Cyclogest for progesterone? Might be worth asking about the progesterone injections too? They aren't all that nice (intramuscular) but it's absorbed in a different way and can help.

FatimaLovesBread Sun 06-Mar-16 18:11:12

We used embryo glue for both our fresh cycle and fet, one 5 day and one 6 day blast. But only used it because it is used as standard at the clinic we went to

waitingimpatient Sun 06-Mar-16 19:03:03

Yes I've had cyclogest for both FET cycles

I've not had immune testing done I'm just being treated as if I do have issues due to thyroid antibodies and strong family history of autoimmune issues plus failed implantation. I'm going to also take coq10 in the hopes that has an effect on egg quality

I suspect we may use embryo glue again if we get that far. Especially if we get a blastocyst. I think my embryos are failing at some stage between day 3-5

cheapredwine Mon 07-Mar-16 09:56:13

OP if you have pre-existing autoimmune issues I'd honestly recommend you consider getting the possibility of the impact of these on fertility investigated. I am a total lay person and probably talking crap, but honestly I think it could potentially be more important than whether you use embryoglue or not. I am sure immune treatment is a big part of why I am finally pregnant. I have no known autoimmune issues whatsoever but still have incredibly stubborn NK cells and to a lesser degree cytokines. Still having treatment for them at 22+4. Only possible indicator I have I suppose is that generally I don't get ill. Ever (Will now obviously catch something super grim!!) Good luck

bananafish81 Mon 07-Mar-16 12:21:49

We didn't use it as my consultant said there was no compelling evidence it had any benefit

I'm of the mindset that if an embryo won't make it in the dish it's unlikely to make it in my body

So I'd prefer to leave the embryos to day 5 - my first batch of eggs had embryos that were terrific at day 3 then all fell over and nothing made it to blast

Compared to my second batch where over half made it to day 5

If we had transferred at day 3 then we'd never have known if it was the seed (embryo quality) or the soil (uterine environment) that caused it to fail

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