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Hemorrhagic Cyst During IVF Treatment

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GlummyMummy Wed 02-Mar-16 12:54:59

I am currently undergoing ivf treatment at the moment. It's day 8 of my nasal sprays and injections so had my action scan this morning. I have 6ish follicles on each side but they aren't quite big enough yet, they are averaging at 10 and was told they need to be 18 before they can schedule egg collection. The nurse also found a large hemorrhagic cyst so she's doing some blood tests just to check this out and then I'm back for a re-scan in a couple of days. The cyst wasn't there at my last scan so has obviously been caused by the nasal sprays and injections. I have a large bruise on my leg (and don't really remember bumping it) so nurse wonders if my blood isn't clotting properly.

I am now worrying that they are going to cancel my treatment. Has anyone else had a hemorrhagic cyst during ivf treatment which has gone ahead?

Everhopeful76 Wed 09-Mar-16 20:40:52

I have 2 haemorrhagic cysts albeit tiny but then I do have endometriosis, a recurrence of cysts due to menopur injections probably. No talk of cancelling at all based on this but its possibly going to bleed out a bit during egg collection and suggested may need antibiotics
Realise this was posted a week ago but they only discovered my cysts on Monday, so felt I had nothing to offer in contribution before
How are you doing now?

GlummyMummy Wed 09-Mar-16 20:57:29

Hi everhopeful76, thanks for your reply. Strangely enough, two days after my post when I was scanned again my cyst had totally vanished!! Moved on to other worries now though-my womb lining is thin so trying everything to thicken that at the moment. Also had egg collection yesterday and only got 7 eggs, only 4 have fertilised. So I think our chances are a bit slim!

Where are you with your treatment?

Everhopeful76 Wed 09-Mar-16 21:37:10

ahhh have they given you anything in addition to progesterone to thicken the lining
My EC is on Fri, as your message came in I did my trigger epi pen shot.Why the hell couldn't they have all been this style of injection. I do not expect to have a grand crop of eggs due to the amount of follicles/ crap ovarian reserve, but my womb lining is thick.
I am thinking quality over quantity. You need just the 1 and hopefully you ll be able to freeze the other 3 as they will work out well too
Good luck and Do keep me posted

bananafish81 Thu 10-Mar-16 06:37:12

Glummy it was touch and go whether I'd be able to have a fresh transfer due to thin lining

It was only 5.5mm on the day of EC but oestrogen tablets (HRT) three times daily and by day 4 when I had a lining scan it was up to 8.5mm (and that was also under the influence of the progesterone which changes the appearance of the lining ie it loses its triple line and starts to compact)

My Dr said if there were any doubt about the thickness of the endometrium we would freeze all, rather than transfer into a suboptimal uterine environment. However the oestrogen tablets worked miracles for me so I hope they're not just going to chance a thin lining?

GlummyMummy Thu 10-Mar-16 20:44:33

Everhopeful76 - nope, I'm just on the crinone gel which I read doesn't actually thicken the lining, just maintains the thickness it is already at! I've just been trying some other home remedies such as pomegranate juice, pineapple, brazil nuts and plenty of fluid and protein. Not sure if these are actually making any difference but it did go up 2mm between scans.

How are you feeling about your EC tomorrow? Is this your first go at IVF? Hope it all goes well, let me know how you get on. As I say, I only got 7 eggs which was a bit disappointing, but last time we did IVF I only got 7 eggs and now have a 21 month old to show for it!

I had lots of follicles prior to EC but they reckon I had gone on too long and this meant that many follicles were empty and thus eggs over-mature. So in keeping me going to try and thicken the lining ( I was on two weeks of nasal sprays and Gonal-F when it should have only really been 10 days) they have caused my eggs to be over-mature. Plus, I do think I've maybe been on the wrong protocol as I've read that the short protocol can result in thinner lining. Certainly on my first round of IVF my lining was thick and I was on the long protocol that time. But they felt with my low ovarian reserve that this protocol would be best for me this time.

Hi again bananafish81 - how is your pregnancy developing? That's great that they were able to thicken your lining to 8.5mm. How did you find it being on the HRT? They've said to me that if my lining still hasn't thickened by ET day that we might have to freeze and then try me on HRT next month which I am obviously anxious about! Did you try any other things yourself to thicken the lining? I didnt realise that the progesterone causes the lining to lost it's triple appearance, is that not what they are aiming for for implantation? My lining was 7.6mm on EC day so I am hoping that it will have continued to thicken enough. Though the doctor who did EC baffled me by telling me although my lining was thin, it's dense.....totally confusing and contradictory to me!

I am just keeping everything crossed that these 4 embryos survive to day 5! Have my doubts to be honest. I would have thought with such a small number of eggs fertilised that my clinic might have wanted to go for day 3 transfer but they've said not. And then, if by a miracle they do get a good embryo to put back I just need this lining to come up a bit!

This time round has made me realise how lucky we were to succeed with our first go!!

Everhopeful76 Thu 10-Mar-16 21:33:42

Thank you. Yes first and probably last and quite nervous about what they will get. really have so few follicles esp of decent size.
Is your AMH very low if you don't mind me asking, because its amazing that you had such a good crop last time and I think what you have this time is grand too. Hope you get a great embryo and your lining improves!!

GlummyMummy Fri 11-Mar-16 07:48:24

They haven't retested my AMH this time so was last done in 2013 when it was 3.8. I'm 35 now so they said my age would go against me this time too. Yes, think our success last time was a major fluke! Fingers crossed for you for today! Make sure you get time to rest up later as you might feel pretty woozy.

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