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Fertility massage

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Vixxfacee Tue 01-Mar-16 19:58:26

Has anyone has a fertility massage before?

My friend told me about her masseuse who also does fertility massages.

I spoke to her earlier and she said its also like a counselling session and that she tries to look at your emotions and things that you hold on to from the past or childhood. She has sent me a referral form and it had quite a lot of questions on it.

It's 40 pound for an hour so less than I was expecting.

Has anyone had an experience?

Milzilla Thu 10-Mar-16 08:47:28

I get them from my Chinese acupuncturist as well as herbs.

Yet to see if it helps (I have have three mcs in a row, currently ttc) but I have read good things about the combo of acupuncture, fertility massage and herbs. I pay 35 for acu and massage and 35 for herbs - fortnightly.

Is worth a shot I think? See how you go? Try six sessions initially maybe?

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