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High FSH levels

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Wood29 Sat 27-Feb-16 10:36:28

Hi I am just hoping to hear some success stories.
We have been trying for a baby for 18 months with 1 miscarriage a year ago.
All our results are now in and I have high FSH level of 9.5 and I'm 29! Just waiting for results of AMH test to determine the quality of my eggs.
The consultant was awful and basically said if they come back low I have a low change of IVF even working. I'm devastated and just hoping for some positive stories please.

Shellster52 Sat 27-Feb-16 21:24:57

I had an FSH test done on day 3 and it came back on the higher side - can't remember the exact figure. The nurse then said it is better to do it on day 2 so I did it on day 2 the following cycle and it came back lower.

I found that in my case and for others on here, that each of your follicles seems to produce around .5 AMH. So AMH is really an indicator of how many follicles there are in total on your ovaries at the time of the test. It's age that determines your quality. So if your AMH results are low, it just means that you won't produce quite as many eggs as someone with a higher AMH - but much better to be 29 and produce 6 good eggs that are highly likely to be genetically normal, than to be 39 and produce 10 eggs where many will be genetically abnormal.

Although obviously saying that you're young and have great eggs doesn't help when you have been trying for 18 months with no success. It's so emotionally tough. I went through 4 years of infertility and 11 attempts at IVF (I only produced 3-4 eggs each cycle and hubby had dud sperm to top it off) before I FINALLY got my BFP. So I know how hard it is. How long before you get your AMH results. I hope they give you some reassurance. That consultant sounds awful.

EagleRay Sat 27-Feb-16 21:54:53

Hi - sorry I know how stressful these tests (and their results!) can be. A year ago, at the age of 43, I had the day 3 FSH test done and the results came back as 14 - can remember I rang for the results and the receptionist read out the word 'perimenopausal' next to it and I just burst into tears. I already have a medical condition which makes ovulation less likely and although I knew those two factors combined with my age meant things weren't great, it was hard to draw a line under things.

It is almost exactly a year since I had the test done and I'm now 30w pregnant confused, made all the more surprising by the fact that we weren't even bothering to TTC and DP works away most of the time.

You really do have time on your side - keeping my fingers crossed for your next test results. I hope my story gives you some hope that evne when things don't look that good on paper, our bodies can still surprise us!

Wood29 Sat 27-Feb-16 22:00:47

Thank you for your stories and congratulations to you both. We go back in 5 weeks for AMH results and FSH was on day 2.
I know I need to stay positive and reading success stories really does help. X

Chattycat78 Sun 28-Feb-16 08:29:13

I had the fsh test done on cd4/5 when I was 34. Not for any particular reason other than I was paranoid if I'm honest. We hadn't been trying for more than 3 months so maybe I shouldn't have done. Anyway, the result came back as 12- which was a total shock and convinced me there was no way we were going to be able to have a baby. I insisted on being referred to the fertility clinic who did the amh test and that was also low at 2.8. They told us we needed to do IVF. Devastating. In the meantime however we conceived but unfortunately it didn't stick, so we did the IVF. As predicted, I responded badly to the drugs and only got 2 eggs, however one of those stuck and is now 13 months running around the lounge! It really is more about quality than anything else.

On a separate note, we decided to ttc as soon as I finished breastfeeding because I got the sense that maybe it would take years/wasn't possible/would need IVF again. After 1 month of trying I got a bfp and I'm now 21 weeks pregnant. So- as the poster above says, numbers aren't everything! Quality is far far more important and at at 29 I think you still have a good chance!! I also think that the medical people don't really understand what low ovarian reserve really means so I would take what they say with a pinch of salt!

Chattycat78 Sun 28-Feb-16 08:33:40

Also just to confirm- high fsh does NOT have anything to do with your egg quality. It is about quantity only. There is no test which can check egg quality. So if the consultant has told you otherwise it's rubbish!

Wood29 Sun 28-Feb-16 08:39:18

Thank you for your reply. That is a great success story and congratulations on your pregnancy now πŸ˜€.
I guess everyone is different and I just need to stay positive until our next appointment in 5 weeks.
Thank you all again you have been a great help x

bananafish81 Sun 28-Feb-16 11:12:36

I had FSH that measured a disgusting 17.6 in July - it then bounced down to 9.5 the following month, but you're only considered as good as your worst FSH

9.5 is under 10 which is just within normal range

My AMH is also almost undetectable at 1.5 (urgh)

I am now nearly 8 weeks pregnant from my second round of IVF and have four good quality blasts on ice.

My consultant said quality is more important than quantity and that quality is primarily determined by age. You are so young you have every chance of success!

bananafish81 Sun 28-Feb-16 11:14:35

Oh and I was 33 when I got my 17.6 borderline premature ovarian failure FSH level and was devastated.

I'm 34 now. The NHS would have written me off completely and many clinics would have given me the donor egg speech

You just do not know until you try!! Xx

Wood29 Sun 28-Feb-16 12:36:16

Thank you banana fish that's amazing congratulations.
Thank you I just think on reflection the consultant was awful and has sent us into panic mode hopefully for no reason he made out there was no hope x

bananafish81 Sun 28-Feb-16 17:08:15

I think that sounds exactly right!! BTW was your FSH definitely done on the right day (ie day 2-4)

Your consultant sounds unnecessarily doom and gloom - can you find a different Dr / change clinic? Xx

bananafish81 Sun 28-Feb-16 17:09:52

Sorry I've just reread and saw it was on day 2. Ignore me!! confused

Wood29 Sun 28-Feb-16 17:29:35

Yes I have refused to see that consultant again and am now seeing the better one in 5 weeks x

bananafish81 Sun 28-Feb-16 17:33:21

Nice one!! That's brilliant. Hope the next Dr is less negative and has some constructive recommendations for your treatment.

BTW I am on a Fertility Friends thread for women with high FSH and low AMH and there are women with FSH as high as 27 who have had babies!

Wood29 Sun 28-Feb-16 18:57:09


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