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ICSI - what do we do?

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Longleggedlovely Wed 24-Feb-16 21:48:17

So after 5 years of TTC with no joy and at least 3 years of tests etc with lots of delays along the way and no diagnosis so unexplained infertility, we got a letter yesterday advising us of an apt on 22 March. We know that this will be the beginning of our ICSI treatment and our health board gives us two goes at ICSI and then two goes at IVF if no previous successful treatment. I'm clueless as to what this may entail, I've read and read until I'm so confused and quite frankly petrified and although I'm pretty open about our issues (mostly because I'm totally fed up of questioning and comments about our lack of children) but don't know anyone I can talk to in RL that has been through this.

Sorry for the ramblings I guess I'm scared, confused and with no idea what the imminent future is going to hold for us. What is the treatment? How will I feel? How will work be? Can I work? What is the treatment length? Type? Too many questions!

All and any help much much appreciated!

closephine85 Wed 24-Feb-16 21:57:01

Hi longleggedlovely, sorry your finding this confusing. After reading your post i'm wondering if you mean IUI rather than icsi?

Longleggedlovely Wed 24-Feb-16 22:02:50

I'm not even sure of that to be honest. I've just looked and it might be IUI. We've had every test under the sun and nothing wrong with DH at all, my hormone levels were low, they think I don't ovulate though I have regular (albeit long cycles) periods but all other tests seemed to show no issues.

The other thing that confuses me totally is all the abbreviations for everything!

MehMehM3h Wed 24-Feb-16 22:06:16

Hi longleggedlovely I'm sorry you're feeling scared, you are in the right place though, the ladies here are lovely!

I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can and based on my experience. In terms of treatment we had ICSI (embryo transfer was last Thursday). My treatment was long protocol - that involves down regging (I had a nasal spray) for around 2 weeks - this shuts down your ovaries...I started this on day 21 of my cycle.

I then had a scan to see if my ovaries were shut down at which point I started injecting a drug (don't worry, it's a teeny tiny needle and feels like a pin prick) for 10 days, this is to stimulate the follicles and encourage lots of them. On day 10 I had another scan to see how many we had and decide when egg collection is - you are then told when to take your last sniff and injection as well as when to do the trigger injection (injecting the hcg hormone) as that has to be done at a specific time. My egg collection was last Tues...They take a catheter and remove the fluid from your ovaries and count the number of eggs you have (you're sedated at the point - don't worry!). Your partner will provide a sample around this time too. With ICSI, they pick the best sperm and inject the egg with it (whereas with ivf they just put the egg and sperm in a dish together and let them do their thing). My understanding is that ICSI is generally preferred when the sperm has low motility. They then monitor your eggs and see how they fertilise. Based on how many fertilise normally, they may transfer them back into you on day 2, 3 or 5. I think if you have only 1 then they transfer on day 2 (at least they did with us)...If there are more then they like to wait to see how the embryos develop and can pick the best ones.

In between egg collection and transfer you may have to insert "interesting" experience! Once they transfer the embryo (s) (transfer is a bit like a smear test) you have to wait 2 weeks before you can test (still inserting pessaries!)

Now I have thrown a lot of information at you I know! So sorry about that. If you ever want to talk, feel free to DM me smile

Depending on your job, you can work (unless it involves heavy lifting etc) but really it's fine. I felt mostly ok with the treatment, the down regging can make you irritable and the injections can make you feel rather bloated! Other than that I was fine...I was running whilst downregging and only stopped when the injections started. I can only do gentle exercise.

My boss has been great and knows everything! I just went "off sick" for the days off and that was fine.

Just take it one step at a time...we had one appt with the clinic and the treatment started after my next period...we decided to wait a few more months and only started in January - that was long protocol...short protocol misses out the down regging part I think.

Sorry for the essay, I hope it helps! flowers

Longleggedlovely Wed 24-Feb-16 22:37:11

Thank you so much that's helps a massive amount! flowers

Work was a big stress for me, I'm pretty open about our/my issues but haven't told anyone at work and don't want to for lots of reasons but I'm never (touch wood!) off sick so happy to deal with things using sick leave if necessary. The hospital have been pretty good at giving us after work apts so far too which has helped.

Thank you again, I really do appreciate your help and now feeling a little more informed and a lot less lonely!

eurochick Wed 24-Feb-16 22:44:29

Icsi followed by IVF sounds odd - Icsi is IVF with an added process to select the best sperm and inject it into the egg. It is usually used in cases of male sub fertility. Iui (inserting sperm directly into the womb close to the time of ovulation) followed by IVF if I up doesn't work would seem more likely.

Good luck. I had unexplained infertility and have an IVF 19 month old now.

Longleggedlovely Thu 25-Feb-16 21:09:47

Thank you, I think it must be IUI first and then IVF. A bit clearer on the process now but still flipping petrified!

ST3150 Wed 15-Jun-16 12:05:59

Sorry for jumping on your thread.
Unexplained fertility for my husband but has two children to previous partner, having ICSI, im on really low meds, Coming up to egg collection, 1st attempt, I'm 25 so apparently at prime, been watching loads of hreads but not jumped in any don't understand all these (DH) etc. Anyone experience any side effects with the injections? Had shocking muscle pain headache etc clinic not worried.
Hoping to find a bit of reassurance and hopefully hear some success stories.

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