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long v short protocol

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hellotreeshellosky Wed 24-Feb-16 11:50:20

Hi all,

I have been on here before but not for a long time. DH and I have secondary infertility- DS is 7 and since him we have conceived once naturally about four years ago, but I miscarried. All my investigations have been more or less normal but DH's count is low. We had one round of mild IVF last year and got 6 eggs, all fertilised with ICSI. We had one fresh and one frozen transfer but BFN.

We are looking at trying again and have seen two different docs who have given us different recommendations. One says short protocol with increased dose of meds would be suitable and the other says long protocol. I will speak to them again but I am looking for some advice and experience to make the decision; I hate the idea of long protocol, I am a terrible patient and dread the whole process of IVF, but this is likely to be our last go and I want to give it every chance. I am finding it tough emotionally; frankly I feel angry that I have to go through it, which sounds mad as we are lucky we can afford it etc.

I have been recommended to have an endometrial scratch so we will do that and I am also curious about anything else that people have found useful- I am going to look at acupuncture etc. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks for reading.

bananafish81 Wed 24-Feb-16 11:57:08

What is your ovarian reserve like? If you are low AMH / high FSH / low antral follicle count I would definitely go for a short protocol to avoid over suppressing you. If not then it would come down to personal choice - I found short much easier going

hellotreeshellosky Wed 24-Feb-16 12:06:42

Thanks for replying. Not low AMH, I can't recall the number but I was told it was fine. Yes I think I will find short easier going, and am hoping to hear it won't limit our chances. I am 38 if it's relevant.

bananafish81 Wed 24-Feb-16 12:23:07

Long tends to be the default as it gives them more control - short tends to be for predicted high responders (eg PCOS) or poor responders (diminished ovarian reserve). If you're basically normal then long tends to be the usual option - but short isn't a bad option, if a Dr has recommended it he or she obviously thinks it's a reasonable option for you.

Short can be conventional (higher stims) or mild (low stims) whereas mild IVF is always short, without any down regging

hellotreeshellosky Wed 24-Feb-16 15:14:06

Thanks again. Was thinking of short with conventional stims as have done the mild before and want to maximise production as it's our last go. I think the way I feel about the treatment I am really keen to avoid down regging as long as short is a reasonable option and not massively reducing our chances. Thank you.

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