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Clomide, just blood test - help?!

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Honeybeez1986 Tue 23-Feb-16 22:12:02

Hello all, I am in my 3rd cycle of clomide, good first cycle, failed second- no ovulation, and no peak on my fertility monitor this month so I'm not to hopeful :-(
The doctor has only given me the 21 day blood tests to monitor me. I am looking into paying privately for a scan, I really would like a trigger shot to release those eggs of their on there. Do you think the doc will do this for me if I can give her the report from the scan to say that I have eggs that are ready to release? Also how is the shot administered?? Yourself or at a surgery or hospital? Thank youuuuu xx

waitingimpatient Wed 24-Feb-16 07:00:34

I would assume you could pay for a scan, it would certainly be helpful to see what size the follicles are etc so def worth asking your doctor

The trigger shot is a pre filled injection pen that you do at home (I've had it twice now for FET cycles and a different one for an IVF trigger also done at home) both were painless and easy to do. Good luck with everything! x

Honeybeez1986 Wed 24-Feb-16 09:47:48

Thankyou so much for your response? Did the doctor give you the trigger shot or did u get it from the consultant?

waitingimpatient Wed 24-Feb-16 10:02:27

I was prescribed it by the doctor at the fertility clinic we go to, they ha r them there and decide based on scan what day it is needed

Honeybeez1986 Wed 24-Feb-16 11:18:30

My doc hasn't referred me to anyone get and doubt she will.. I was hoping she might give me the shot if I can give her the report.. Fingers crossed. I have bloods tomorrow and appointment Monday so depending on the results we'll see what she says.. Fingers crossed. What mg of clomide are you on?

Honeybeez1986 Wed 24-Feb-16 12:23:58

Also do u remember what level ur trigger injection was?? I think u can get them online too 🙊

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