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Can anything be done once over 40?

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Bathlover Thu 18-Feb-16 09:41:33

Hi all

I'm 42 and we've been trying for 8 months no joy.

(Done full on tracking, relaxed and everything in between)

GP had said go back after 6 months but I haven't bothered as I am not sure there is any point. Not being defeatist but I think I'm too old for any treatments / tests on nhs?

I've regular cycles, have a 10 year old.

So is it just keep trying /give up our only options?

(I know that you can be tested to see if ovulating but I'm happy I am from cycles/temping etc)

Everhopeful76 Thu 18-Feb-16 15:16:07

Really due to age you should be offered a fertility referral from your GP. My understanding is that they should usually be open to this after 6 months but I guess it varies. I decided to go for a fertility MOT privately and found I had difficulties at age 38, the chief one being that I needed an op to remove an endometrial cyst.
That all said being older it does take more time usually to try naturally. I know of someone who started trying when she was approaching 42 and finally gave birth 2 years later, they were on the verge of having further tests but part of the problem had been that she had been working away so was missing fertility windows, with all that into account it probably took 18 months.
Whilst you are ovulating there is a chance, so don't give up hope.

TammySwanson Thu 18-Feb-16 17:58:16

It really is worth getting as much as you can from the NHS as doing anything privately is so expensive. Even if you are over 40 they can still investigate reasons for potential problems, and do ultrasounds, blood tests for AMH, ovulation, etc, even if they can't give you any fertility treatments (although this also depends on the area you live in so you may be lucky). It's all good information to have.

MaryRobinson Fri 19-Feb-16 02:46:02

Loads that can be done. You can choose... Right up to donor eggs if you like.

Bathlover Fri 19-Feb-16 07:18:20

Thank you all, I had really thought it was pointless!

So great to hear it's not. Have made a GP appointment.

Thanks you for replies smile

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