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clomid 50/100mg success

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Sophie3001 Wed 17-Feb-16 14:38:50


I would love to hear your success stories from clomid.

Me (22) and my fiancé (28) have been trying for 1.5years with no success to then find out I have pcos. Nothing wrong with my partner just me. We have just done our first cycle of 50mg clomid without success. I'm praying it will work for us. I have very very irregular cycles so before I take clomid every month I have to take notethistone to get my periods going which sucks because my cycles are soooo long. Anyone else had the same issue?

YouBoggleMyMind Wed 17-Feb-16 14:55:06

Hi Sophie, welcome!
I've got PCOS and just finished 3rd cycle of clomid. 50mg, 100mg and 150mg haven't worked for me but i've just been prescribed Metformin and another round of 150mg of clomid. Metformin is meant to help your ovaries be more accepting of clomid. Fingers crossed! They will always start you on the lowest dose to see how you react to it. Please don't be disheartened and fingers crossed 100mg works for you. xxx

Sophie3001 Wed 17-Feb-16 15:01:35

Hello youbogglemymind

I hope you get your BFP! I have my hospital appointment booked for 30th March to see how well I'm reacting to 50mg. Personally i think they will end up increasing my dosage to 100mg because I Shevardnadze no ovulation occurring or periods coming naturally. My 21 day bloods will be done prior to my hospital appointment to see if I actually did ovulate but my opks all say negative.

Tollygunge Wed 17-Feb-16 15:02:13

I had success first time using clomid 100mg! I also used pre seed and instead cups after intercourse. Also had one scan to see when I was ovulating so knew when to have sex. Good luck!

YouBoggleMyMind Wed 17-Feb-16 15:09:04

OPKS won't be accurate if you have PCOS so I wouldn't go by them. Where are you in your cycle? and of March seems a long time away for a scan?

Sophie3001 Wed 17-Feb-16 15:09:34

Hello tollygunge

I'm glad this has worked so quickly for you. How far gone if you don't mind me asking?

I have no scans or blood tests until after 3 months of 50mg clomid which I thought was strange but I trust the hospital in what they're doing

YouBoggleMyMind Wed 17-Feb-16 15:11:58

Ah ok, definitely different to me then! You never know, the 50mg over the 3 months might push things along and make you ovulate, fingers crossed!

Sophie3001 Wed 17-Feb-16 15:12:06


Yes I have been told to stay away from opks as they can give you false answers from having pcos.

I currently on cd38 second day of taking notethistone which has to be taken for 10 days the wait 3 days for period to turn up before I can take clomid again. Yeah they have left me on 50mg for 3 months before doing anything but I trust them

Tollygunge Wed 17-Feb-16 15:25:51

I'm 11+3 and everything seems to be ok, thank god. I have a complex history and this is pregnancy number 5, having lost the previous 4. My consultant gave it to me a) to hurry things along as was taking me 7/8 months to fall pregnant and b) because there is SOME evidence that clomid gives a stronger egg. I started straight away on 100 (though I don't think most NHS doctors would do this) and I was scheduled for no scans. I then went to ultrasound direct (branches all over the country) when I thought I'd be ovulating, cd18 so very late for me, and she gave me a pelvic scan and told me I was just about to ovulate. Used the pre seed and cups over next few days and then found out on NYE. I took it cd 2-6.

Sophie3001 Wed 17-Feb-16 15:31:01


Congratulations! I hope this bean sticks for you.

I don't think I ovulate on my own at all. Maybe I should look into purchasing pre-seed although I don't have trouble with my cm always very wet down there when DTD.

Tollygunge Wed 17-Feb-16 19:23:27

Clomid apparently dries mucus up?! Tbh I think anything is worth a try

Sophie3001 Wed 17-Feb-16 19:53:01


Never heard of this to be honest mine seems okay

bananafish81 Wed 17-Feb-16 20:27:30

I would really push for scans or at the very least day 21 bloods to see if you've ovulated

Clomid can thin the endometrial lining so whilst it can 'work' and stimulate ovulation,it can counterintuitively make it impossible to get pregnant if the endometrium is too thin for anything to be able to implant

Definitely push for a day 10-12 tracking scan to check the follicle growth and lining thickness xx

bananafish81 Wed 17-Feb-16 20:29:57

And Clomid is an anti oestrogen hence drying up CM and thinning the lining (both of which are due to rising levels of oestrogen)

Being wet for DTD isn't the same as CM as CM is right up at the cervix and helps the swimmers get through into the uterus. Pre seed with the applicator can help to compensate for any lack of CM where it matters - being aroused is great for sex but isn't necessarily a sign of having CM!

KP86 Wed 17-Feb-16 20:42:58

Worked first month for us on the lowest dose, but we DTD 10 times over a fortnight so gave it the absolute best shot.

As it happened, I ovulated (or fell pregnant) almost a week later than expected because my dates were pushed back five days at my first scan.

Sophie3001 Wed 17-Feb-16 20:53:44

Hello bananafish81

I was never told any of this about CM at hospital. I did ring the hospital the other day asking why they've left me for 3 months without any tracking or bloods each cycle. And he literally said he does this for all his patience which I think is bull poop but I can't change sadly. I have21 day bloods to be done when my period comes and I can count it as cd1. I might try getting some pre-seed or conceive plus which would you recommend the most?

Thank for you reply and congrats! Glad t worked so quickly for you!

bananafish81 Wed 17-Feb-16 21:02:41

Preseed by a mile. The applicator gets it where it needs to be. And conceive plus stuck us together like glue. Not conducive to successful DTD!

Sophie3001 Wed 17-Feb-16 21:35:03


Great I'll purchase some! And hope for my BFP this round smile. Thanks for the tip!

c737 Thu 18-Feb-16 12:03:35

I got pregnant with my two year old dd on my second lot of 50mg of coo id. Good luck x

c737 Thu 18-Feb-16 12:04:15

Bloody auto type! Coo id = Clomid!

bananafish81 Thu 18-Feb-16 12:12:17

Sophie the problem with day 21 bloods and no scans is that if you don't ovulate till much later you might not get the timing right - the day 21 bloods aren't necessarily on day 21, that's based on an ideal 28 day cycle ie 7 days post ovulation. If you don't ovulate till day 20 then this won't tell you very much. OPKs don't always work properly if you have PCOS so they're not terribly reliable as a means of determining ovulation - although OPKs plus temping can help. But they shouldn't be prescribing you medication without a plan in place to know if it's actually working. Ask them what they propose! Xxx

TooAswellAlso Thu 18-Feb-16 12:13:46

I have pcos and a cd21 blood of 2. Just 2.

I took clomid 50 and got a cd21 of 60 something from memory (it was 2005?) and conceived first try.

You have pcos but have they also done a hsg to check your tubes etc?

TooAswellAlso Thu 18-Feb-16 12:14:25

I did basal temps on clomid and it worked great, showed me ovulation easily.

TooAswellAlso Thu 18-Feb-16 12:15:21

Sorry, reading after posting! We were advised to have sex from last day of period, every other day until cd24. Worked for us.

Sophie3001 Thu 18-Feb-16 12:20:44


I have just rung the hospital so push for some sort of follicle tracking before I get my bloods done next month and they have said no. But when I go in on 30th March they will be tracking follicles etc as for now they just want to see if I react to it at all. I see no sense in this but I'm not sure what more I can do other than just wait.


I have had my tubes etc all checked. I had to do every test under the sun before I got prescribed clomid. Everything is fine with partner. I have have cysts on my ovaries (pcos) and have an-ovulation

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