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ICSI ..After embryo transfer...?

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Craftycakey15 Thu 11-Feb-16 16:35:33

I had my embryo transfer yesterday - well two embryos transferred and seven have been frozen. I now have to wait nine days to test. Is anyone else at this stage?

Those who have been through it in the past and had a successful pregnancy, please can I know anything in particular you did to help at this stage? Thanks

RoseBud2016 Fri 12-Feb-16 06:54:49

Hi Cakey

I had 1 HB top grade embryo transferred on Saturday 6th so I'm a little ahead of you at 6dp5dt.

For the first few days after transfer I felt completely normal and like it was all a dream and didn't really happen. But in the last 2 days I've been getting waves of cramping going from very weak to very strong and back again. I don't usually get cramps in the run up to AF so it's either a good sign or the hormones I'm on playing havoc with me!

Last night I woke up to this strong dragging feeling from my abdomen to my bits, which is difficult to describe.

I'm 31 BTW and this was our first round of ICSI IVF. We had 5 embryos frozen on day6 x

Craftycakey15 Fri 12-Feb-16 09:59:11

Hi Rosebud I actually think your dragging pains sound good so fx.

Just had a little cry as I had fresh blood last night and it's not a good sign. I hVe my dark blood spotting too but the fresh blood was more than spotting, like a light bleed sad

RoseBud2016 Fri 12-Feb-16 12:27:31

I'm sorry to hear you are upset. But I can tell you (from my crazy googling over the last 6 days) that spotting, even a little bright red spotting, can be a good sign too!

It would be way too early for you to have AF yet so I would try (I know it's easier said than done!) not to worry or stress about it too much!

I found this day by day account really useful to help me understand what is going on:

This is what happens in a 5 day (blastocyst) transfer:

1 day post transfer - Blastocyst hatches out of shell on this day
2 days post transfer - Blastocyst attaches to a site on the uterine lining
3 days post transfer - Implantation begins, as the blastocyst begins to bury in the lining
4 days post transfer - Implantation process continues and morula buries deeper in the lining
5 days post transfer - Morula is completely implanted in the lining and has placenta cells & fetal cells
6 days post transfer - Placenta cells begin to secret HCG in the blood
7 days post transfer - More HCG is produced as fetus develops
8 days post transfer - More HCG is produced as fetus develops
9 days post transfer - HCG levels are now high enough to be immediately detected on HPT.


Craftycakey15 Fri 12-Feb-16 18:56:43

Thanks Rosebud for that info. I didn't know that.

I'm not concerned about having AF. It's more that I am concerned my body has rejected one or both embryos. I called the clinic and told a nurse this morning and she said fresh blood doesn't sound good but to wait to call back on Monday if it continues. I haven't had it today, just the dark blood spots.

I had an early miscarriage a couple of years ago and the spotting led to bleeding so it's just worrying me. Will rest over the weekend and hope for the best.

Craftycakey15 Fri 12-Feb-16 18:59:18

Actually cancel that, just got red blood on wiping again!

partystress Fri 12-Feb-16 19:18:19

Keeping everything crossed for you Crafty. It is 16 years since our successful (at the 5th attempt) ICSI. ET was on Thursday and on Saturday morning I was howling into my mum's answering machine because I'd started bleeding. The next day it stopped and 10 days later pregnancy confirmed. My DS is a 6 foot 4 bundle of joy these days and I have a DD from our 3rd cycle with frozen embryos - she was born when I was 42! Both times, I took it easy exercise wise, no baths, no booze. I really hope it works for you this time, but if it doesn't, it doesn't mean it never will.

RoseBud2016 Fri 12-Feb-16 22:02:09

I'm really sorry to hear that Cakey I really hope things work out for you and that this is a false alarm. flowers Try to have a restful weekend x

Craftycakey15 Sat 13-Feb-16 12:25:34

Thank you. I called and spoke to a different nurse today who told me to increase my progesterone pessaries from 2 to 3 a day. They will call me on Monday but I'm pretty sure this is all too late.

RoseBud2016 Sat 13-Feb-16 15:23:28

Glad the nurse has given you something to try. Let me know how things go in the coming few days x
Which pessary are you taking? And what dose? I'm on 400mg of Utrogestan which is 4 "bullets" twice a day, plus 2mg estrofem (oral tablets) 3 times a day.

Craftycakey15 Sat 13-Feb-16 16:17:17

Hi Rosebud. I was taking 1 x 400mg Cyclogest pessary twice a day, now to take three times a day. Unfortunately I found a little more blood on wiping just now; the previous two days it was just at night.

I am annoyed the nurse I spoke to yesterday didnt advise me to do anything other than just wait til Monday. I suppose it is not going to make any different now if it is the case my body is rejecting the embryo. I have Googled my situation so much but cant find even one post where someone bled so soon.

I hope your cramps dont hurt too much although it sounds like 'good pain' to me smile

SuziC1984 Wed 10-Aug-16 09:13:42

Hope it all worked out, I'm day 1 after transfer and can't find anyone else on my situation to talk to - know where I can find anyone?

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