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clomid and no period help!

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Sophie3001 Wed 10-Feb-16 15:02:22

Hello ladies

New to this site but was hoping some of you could give me some answers.

I was put on clomid back in January 2016. Cd 2-6 after nearly 2years of ttc. This is my first cycle of it. I have very irregular periods, but I'm concerned in the fact I'm on cd31 now with no period on the way. Should I go back to my doctor or hospital and inform them so they can prescribe me notethistone again to get my period on the way.

I was told they give you until cd35 in case it comes naturally, but I really don't think mines going to show her face. Also does this mean that the clomid hasn't worked?

Baby dust to all!

eskimoflo Wed 10-Feb-16 17:18:06

Hi Sophie

I was put on clomid last June (2015) after coming off the Pill in November 2014 and having no periods or cycles whatsoever. Like you, I had to take Norethisterone to bring on a bleed whenever I needed to take the clomid. 50mg didn't work for me, so it was increased to 100mg, which also didn't result in ovulation. 150mg finally made me ovulate and after a couple of rounds of that, I am now 9 weeks pregnant, so don't lose hope.

Are you having cd21 blood tests? You should be monitored on clomid (some people have scans to check for dominant follicles) and bloods will tell you if it's worked or not.

Have you taken a pregnancy test? My last round of clomid, I ovulated very late in my cycle (around CD19/20) and so the Day 21 blood tests showed progesterone of 14, so the consultant said that it hadn't worked. (Progesterone should be over 30 to indicate ovulation). Clearly, because I ovulated so late, the progesterone levels had not yet reached 30. AF would have been due around Dec 31st, which was CD34 but I took a pregnancy test on 2nd January and it was positive! You could have ovulated late, like me, in which case, you may not get a period/BFP until cd34/35.

Your clinic should be providing you with blood tests, at the very least, which will show your progesterone levels and also indicate whether or not your clomid dose needs to be increased. I would wait until CD35 and then give them a call. You may need some more Norethisterone; on your next round of clomid, demand blood tests!

Good luck x

Sophie3001 Wed 10-Feb-16 17:40:42

Hello Eskimoflo

I was told to have my 21 days bloods done after 3months of 50mg which I don't think are working and need to be upped. I didn't think this sounded right and that they should have done the 21 day bloods on my first cycle to see what affects they were having if any at all.

I have taken 2 hpt at cd26 & cd28 both very negative. I'm not to disheartened because I don't expect miracles. I thought I had ovulated on cd13 if you can see but at 10pm I had a very negative one again.

What do you think my next steps should be?

eskimoflo Wed 10-Feb-16 18:35:31

Next steps: Step away from the piss sticks! I used ovulation tests all through last year. I splashed out on the clear blue digital ones and would get peak smileys 'around the right time' i.e. cd14, which would indicate ovulation. Then I had cd21 blood tests done and they showed that ovulation had not occurred at all! My progesterone tests would come back as 0 or 1, and confirm that I hadn't released an egg.

On the very few months that the clomid actually worked for me (there were only two, one of which I got pregnant), ovulation tests would show confusing lines or no lines at all. In my experience, they are filthy little liars! Plus, clomid can interfere with ovulation tests anyway, and make them give false positives. Finally, even if they worked perfectly, the tests will show a rise in the LH that occurs before ovulation. They are not an indication of whether or not you actually ovulate. In my case, I believe that my LH was rising (and therefore picked up by the tests) but it wasn't strong enough to stimulate my lazy ovaries into producing an egg.

Are you under the care of a fertility clinic? Is it NHS or private? I was NHS and offered blood tests after every cycle of clomid. If you are paying privately, definitely demand blood tests. If NHS, ask them what the reasoning is behind the 3 monthly bloods. It is so frustrating to not know what's going on, and that's why I think you need to try and push for blood tests on cd21. If they won't give you blood tests, could you ask your GP? Wait for CD35 and call them and see what they say.

Oh- and keep getting that sperm in! It's the most vital thing. My last cycle, I didn't temp, didn't use ovulation sticks and didn't check my CM. I'd lost faith in the clomid and was preparing myself for IVF. We DTD every couple of days, starting on CD11 and it actually worked! Miracles do happen.

x x x

Sophie3001 Wed 10-Feb-16 19:28:11

Hello again

Thanks for the replies grin

I am under the care of a fertility clinic with the NHS. Maybe I should give them a call tomorrow and ask why. I have a doctors appointment ready for 16th February which will make me cd37 to ask for more pills. I shall question him then as to why they've left me for 3 months till the 21 day bloods.

I'm 22 and fiancé is 28. We DTD at least every other day regardless lol.

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