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Endometrial Receptivity Array Test - has anyone had this and is it worth it?

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beakybeak Mon 08-Feb-16 11:39:44

I am looking to try any additional tests for repeat implantation failure before I move on to my next round of IVF and wondered whether anyone had any experience of it? Thanks.

Smidge001 Mon 08-Feb-16 21:27:04

Hi Beaky. Not done it myself, despite having been very interested in the concept given my repeated failures. However, when I saw the Prof and discussed it with him, he pointed out that given my cycles vary in length each month, that having the test one month might say day 4 is best for transfer, but that wouldn't mean day 4 would be best the following month. (Maybe day 6 would be best the next month etc). The test has to be done on a different cycle from the one where you're actually putting the embryo back, so it didn't seem likely to help me.

If your periods are totally regular though, there must be a benefit to knowing, right?

From memory the tests are done in the US, which adds to the time taken to get results back.

Hopefully someone on here will have some first hand experience; I'll be watching with interest.

beakybeak Fri 12-Feb-16 22:20:44

Thanks Smidge I hadn't thought about that, my cycles are fairly regular so it may be worth trying for me. I always feel like I'm ahead of where I should be though, if that makes sense.

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