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IVF clinic billed us for over £1000 for freezing sperm

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Princesspigeon Sat 06-Feb-16 21:46:12

i posted this in legal but got no response.

Apparently each year they sent us a letter (to our old address) asking if we wanted to keep the sperm they froze in an IVF cycle we did with them in 2012. We didn't get these letters and the bill just kept rolling until they phoned us last week.

I don't know why they froze dh's sperm as all fertility issues were with me so for any future cycles fresh would be preferable anyway. I have checked over the paper work I kept and there is no mention of charging for sperm to be frozen (there is a mention of costs for frozen embryos but we had none to freeze).

It was a few years ago and my memory of this time is not great as it was stressful but surely it should be explicit to couples if they will have a rolling charge each year for samples kept - and I really don't know why they kept the sample in the first place!

I feel sick as we really really can not afford this.

They would need to demonstrate that we agreed to this surely?

waitingimpatient Sat 06-Feb-16 21:49:46

Doesn't sound right, when we froze dh sperm we had to fill in a form he had to have bloods done and we paid on the day for first year of storage. There was also a form for what would happen if dh died (would he consent to me using the sample for further treatment etc)

If you didn't ask and they didn't inform you then something's gone very wrong and you shouldn't have to pay for a service you didn't request !

NigelLikesSalad Sat 06-Feb-16 21:53:37

I have no idea where you stand legally but ask them to send a copy of anything you signed to say you wanted the spermatogenesis frozen/to remain frozen? If you don't have a copy and they don't then surely you didn't agree?

Sounds a bit of a failing on their part if they've only called you now. If hey had your phone number they should have called you during the first year when they didn't receive a response?

RaspberrySnowCone Sat 06-Feb-16 21:54:28

*sperm. Not spermatogenesis. Auto correct clearly likes posh words

holeinmyheart Sat 06-Feb-16 21:54:32

I think you should write to them and say you have no record of any agreement with them regarding payment for this service. Ask them to send you the paper work with your signature on it.

Then when you have the evidence in front of you, you can decide what to do. Unless they can produce a contract that you have signed, they can whistle for their money.
Don't panic yet. Xx

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 06-Feb-16 22:37:43

Ditto waiting

We froze DF sperm at first visit as they said if for any reason he couldn't get. Sample on day of removal that they could use his deposit wink

Think our sample was frozen for a year - be Interesting what happens after that

Sad to say also handy to have if your partner died and you wanted to have their baby still but they just sign the form Stating you can use their sperm if dead

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