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No LH surge in clomid

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BlueberrySquash Sun 31-Jan-16 23:25:24

Hi all.

First round of clomid after a long (complex) journey so far. I have PCO. I've got my day 21 blood test tomorrow and no LH surge on my new (expensive!) clear blue digital test monitor. I'm so disappointed. The clomid and metformin are upsetting my stomach and giving me headaches and I'm so scared it won't work. IVF is not on the NHS at all where we live. Any words of wisdom or comfort? Thanks x

KP86 Sun 31-Jan-16 23:38:48

Sex, sex and more sex. Just in case your test is faulty.

DH and I did it 10 times in a fortnight during my first month of Clomid and one of those suckers stuck. The result is a 21mo DS.

If it truly didn't work this time, then I understand that your dr can recommend increasing the dosage.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 01-Feb-16 09:49:16

Would stop using the CB monitor as of now; they are of no real use to any patient with PCO.

What dosages of clomid and metformin are you taking currently?.

Are there any male factor issues?.

It may be that you will not need IVF at all, have any further treatments like injectable drugs or ovarian diathermy been mentioned to you?.

Honeybee79 Mon 01-Feb-16 13:23:26

Hi. Firstly, the monitor is of limited use if you have PCOS unfortunately. Secondly, what dose are you on? If you're not responding on your first cycle then there is likely to be scope to increase the dose.

I conceived my DS on clomid and have PCOS. I detected no surges, we just had sex, lots of it. I think he was conceived on an occasion on which I thought it was too late and we would have missed any window anyway, but I had a long cycle I guess.

How long have you been on metformin for? The side effects should settle down soon. I'm also taking it and they are nowhere near as bad as they were previously.

I am currently trying to conceive number 2 and did not respond to clomid this time around, though that might have been because I was nearly 3 stone overweight when I tried it, while at the time I conceived DS1 I had a BMI of 22 and was running about 40 miles a week . . . Have since lost the 3 stone in the hope that it will help and am having a round of IVF.

It sounds to me that you may not require IVF at all. Speak to your doc about increasing the dose if necessary and just keep at it!

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