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low fertilisation rates - need a bit of reassurance!

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Honeybee79 Wed 27-Jan-16 13:47:17

Am pretty new to all this and not having the best of days so . . . Sorry if I am being ridiculous.

We are having our first round of mild IVF with ICSI. Had our ec yesterday and got 16 eggs, of which 14 were mature. Found out this morning that 7 had fertilised - based on what we have been told previously this seems v low! Have gone from feeling pretty positive to quite the opposite in the space of a few hours. Now have to wait until Fri morning. Arggggh.

I have pcos and dh has a abnormal morphology. We are lucky enough to have one DS conceived with clomid, which I failed to respond to this time around.

I am worrying and generally feeling like crap, though appreciate this may in part be down to hormones, stress etc.

Any thoughts/advice? Does this seem like a worryingly low fertilisation rate?


sammylou1 Wed 27-Jan-16 17:49:31

Hi honey, we had 12 mature eggs and 6 fertilised normally, so your result seems ok to me. We didn't have icsi, but as dh had no issues I think we can compare to you. What have your clinic said? X

Amummyatlast Wed 27-Jan-16 18:30:05

On my first go at IVF I had 25 eggs, of which zero fertilised. When we did ICSI I had 20 eggs, of which I had 5 fertilise. So 7 out of 14 mature eggs isn't too bad (although I know why you're concede, since the fertilisation rate for ICSI is touted as around 75%).

Honeybee79 Wed 27-Jan-16 18:45:33

Thanks both. Clinic haven't raised it as an issue, but perhaps I should ask, though am inclined to try and relax and wait it out until Fri when we're due an update.

I would probably be feeling ok about it if they hadn't quoted the 70 - 75% at me!!

Frank85 Thu 28-Jan-16 21:45:17

Sounds good to me
I had 16 eggs did half IVF and half ICSI 8 made it
Im 31 weeks pregnant

Honeybee79 Fri 29-Jan-16 12:25:39

Thanks for the encouragement!

We are now 3 days after ec and the good news is that all 7 are still going. 2 are top grade and they're going to freeze those today. They are going to see if any of the remaining 5 make it to day 5. They aren't great quality but am cheering them on and hoping for the best!

Amummyatlast Fri 29-Jan-16 16:53:07

That's brilliant news!

Honeybee79 Sat 30-Jan-16 13:35:10

Thanks. Am keeping everything crossed for tomorrow's update. Even if they aren't amazing quality will be so happy if any of the 5 left make it to day 5!!

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