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What help can I get if struggling TC DC#2?

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NoPlanYet Mon 18-Jan-16 09:16:40

I'm 36, got 25 month old DD, conceived first month of trying.
Been TTC #2 for 6 months, no joy.

Went to GP and he said there was nothing the NHS would do at all as I have a DC. I have quite big fibroids so he said he'd send me to have them rechecked but the reason would have to be fibroid checking, not fertility related.

Firstly is this correct? I'm not expecting NHS funded IVF, but I'd hope to at least get some investigative work done.

Secondly assuming I can scrape together some cash to get tested privately where would be a good place to go/start? I haven't done OPKs yet, will start this month, also will start tracking temp. And making sure we actually have lots of sex over the key time, but I'd like to be pregnant NOW apologies if insensitive, I'm sure we all would so would rather get started seeing an expert ASAP rather than give it another 4 months of sex and peeing on things before I take it further.

I'm in London so hopefully there might be specialist clinics here which are worth the £££ they might charge?

Any advice much appreciated - TIA

NoPlanYet Mon 18-Jan-16 09:18:26

Also posting this in Conception as not sure where it belongs...

Rose8282 Thu 28-Jan-16 15:37:36

Hi there,
I'm in a similar position to you. We've been trying to conceive our second for almost 10 months, we got pregnant with my first the first try.
You are certainly eligible for investigative treatment under the NHS, though you wouldn't be eligible for things like IUI or IVF if it's your second. But I would expect that your GP should offer you blood tests, and semen analysis for your partner in the first instance, and then in a few months if you have still had no luck, then they could refer you to a fertility specialist for further investigation such as ultrasound scanning, x-rays to check the patency of your fallopian tubes etc.
I find that GPs vary a lot in terms of their knowledge of sub fertility investigation, and if you've had a bad experience with one, then it's certainly worth speaking to another.

Also, don't lose hope, 6 months isn't that uncommon at age 36, although I totally understand the frustrations and difficulties having been through this myself, horrible when your period comes every month, and you feel like you're living in two week instalments!

I don't know much about specialist clinics yet. Like I said we've been trying for almost 10 months. My GP has done bloods on me, which were normal, and semen analysis on my DH which was also normal. He's referred us to a fertility specialist (on the nhs) and we have our appointment in March. Desperately trying to get pregnant before then, but DH has the flu this month so not so easy! smile

doleritedinosaur Sat 30-Jan-16 22:10:08

I'm trying for second & have had 2 early miscarriages so my doctor is having me have extensive blood tests to check for platelets/ other specialist causes into why I'm miscarrying.
I know the doctor mentioned lupus/ other conditions but going to be about 2 months before tests get back.

Your doctor can bloods & check if you're ovulating, it may be worth seeing another GP who knows more.

Kz9ab Tue 02-Feb-16 22:04:15

I was also trying for my second for a couple of years and after having gone through a miscarriage as well, I asked my Doc for some investigatory work. I had a series of blood tests and my husband had a few semen analyses done. It was discovered that he had low motility but this is where the NHS stopped. They refused to do anything further. I went to a few IVF open days at various clinics and found out that one of the clinics was running a trial for which we qualified to take part in and costs were therefore minimal. A successful round of ICSI has meant that we have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

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