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Test negative after ivf but no period

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Blondeshavemorefun Fri 15-Jan-16 16:01:50

Anyone had a negative test on day 17 from eggs being removed /fertilised - ie 12 days after 5 day transfer

Last 2 ivf failed but I had my period on day 11

This time no bleeding so was very excited and hopeful till I tested sad

I honestly thought I was pregnant as had swollen boobs and no period

If a test shows not pregnant now is that a definite not preg sad

Why Havnt I had my period

Thanks x

Hyland Fri 15-Jan-16 16:10:34

My clinic told me to test again after 2 days.

Also advised me that i wouldn't properly come one until i stopped taking the pessaries.

Speak to your clinic ask for the nurse or doctor who did tour scans.

SesameSparkle Sat 16-Jan-16 00:35:54

Hi, I'm really sorry about your failed cycle. I think it looks extremely unlikely your test was a false negative. The progesterone probably kept your period at bay this time. Your period should probably appear within a few days of stopping the meds.

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 16-Jan-16 10:34:48

Thank you both for your reply

I did speak to my clinic and they said retest on Monday but very unlikely impossible for me to be pregnant

It's the lack of af that's confused me

I assumed no period after 2ww and would be pregnant sad

Esp as bled last 2 times before 2ww ended

I did think 3rd time lucky

Have spent roughly £20k now and no baby

Not sure if can try again financially or emotionally put myself through all the drugs again

When do you finally say no more .......

Hyland Sat 16-Jan-16 11:09:42

So cruel like you said after paying sooo much money, logically you should have sonething to show for it.

My partner hates the fact that we're forced to put down money on a roulette table in effect. None of it is a sure thing, we're all just hoping to get lucky. The whole thing is a gamble and we're all addicted.

Each time convincing youself this time it will work.

My fear is that my partner will say enough is enough long before i do!

What is right for you, only you and your partner know.

Were all three cycles the same?

SesameSparkle Sat 16-Jan-16 12:13:40

I'm sorry you have to deal with the unfairness of all this. Only you and your partner will know when it's time to walk away. My advice is to take the time to deal with the immediate devastation of the failed cycle and then think about what you might like to do next. Do take advantage of counselling if it is on offer from your clinic, I found it to be a great help. Personally, I found the money and personal resilience to keep going. 2 years on I still have nothing to show for it, but I stand by that decision and fortunately I am also not in debt because of it. I greatly admire those who have the strength to walk away and get on with their lives. It's a brave choice, but I believe after the initial grieving period it is possible to come out the other side.

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 17-Jan-16 12:33:04

Sparkle and hyland how many attempts have you done privately?

It so is a roulette game sad

This time is was a 5 day grade a egg. Basically the best of the best they said

I just got my hopes up as no period

Guess if we do do this again no point hoping at all till the test day

Just when do you know when to stop .......

Hyland Sun 17-Jan-16 15:43:04

My first fresh cycle of ICSI/IVF failed on November 13th 2015 and we're now waiting for results of the FET (frozen embryo transfer) from the leftovers from the fresh cycle.

I'm not ready to stop. I would hate myself and regret not continuing to our goal. I am quite a stubborn person! Finances could/would and are becoming an issue but it will mean not going on holiday I imagine and for me I'll happily take out a credit card. I currently have no debt so maybe it's easier for me to say this.

I think if we need the 3rd go and it fails, this will be where my partner will want to quit. He hates the NO guarantee side of it all and the fact that it sometimes all seems to be down to luck.

Grade A ...well done you, to accomplish this I'm sure made things tougher for you when it isn't the result you long for.

We had the consultant say to us everything was perfect apart from that last hurdle. Then they talk about how implantation is the part they know least about.

My fresh cycle was 2x grade B's and the frozen is 2x grade C's.

It is so tough, the kinda of thing you don't ever envisage having to worry about.

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 17-Jan-16 16:16:24

we have 5 frozen from this cycle

3 day 5's and 2 day 6 - not sure what grades need to talk to clinic

never knew of a day 6 tbh but they left 3 growing another day and 1 died and other 2 they froze

in my mind i/we have to try all 5 as otherwise i wil always be thinking what if ......... but havnt a clue what a frozen cycle costs, plsu we did it abroad so have the cost of flights on top

and as im 42 they wont put in 2 due to risk of high bp if both took

ive always been told i have bloody good eggs for a bird my age - jeez that doctors smile

have come to the conclusion it doesnt matter what grade eggs are as friend 12 years ago had 2 3 day grade c/d put back, they were the best lot and she was told unlikely to work as poor quality but obv they would put them back

twins now starting secondary school this year

her first go was nhs and obv thrilled for her that it worked

but i seem to be the only one of all my friends who a) doesnt get preg b) has to pay for it as df has kids from previous relationship, tho they are in 20's

so no one really understands they whole pain of ivf, let alone paying for it

i would gladly take out a loan/credit card for holiday/car/new kitchen etc as you get something to show for it, but doing ivf no guarnatee, as we sadly know x

Hyland Sun 17-Jan-16 16:59:32

Yeah I'm sure the two we had frozen and now transferred inside, needed that extra day to develop (day 6).

In London it cost us the initial £900 to freeze and then £1,100 to do frozen cycle. Drugs cost only £131 odd compared to the £1,300 for drugs on fresh cycle. So should be cheaper if you've been doing it abroad.

I was told if I was 40 or over that's the only time HEFA governing body allow you to put more than three. ( I am 36 almost 37).

Do they have reason to be concerned about your blood pressure?

I too read of a case where the top graded eggs didn't work out but the poor quality did. In which case why do they bother to grade them !!?!!?

Most people don't understand unfortunately and we just become the forlorn friends and family to others.

Hyland Sun 17-Jan-16 17:02:55

The success rate when the frozen eggs to thaw is 80-85%.

We had three frozen but one wasn't developing so well after being thawed, so it wasn't recommended that we refreeze.

SesameSparkle Mon 18-Jan-16 14:26:39

Blondes, I’ve had 4 IVFs where I had embryos transferred, including one bfp then mc, plus I underwent a few more which were cancelled for various reasons. I’m 40 with very low egg reserve which means the chance of success is very much reduced.

It sounds like you are producing a good number of quality embryos, which is encouraging. If I was in your shoes I would at least go back to use up all the remaining embryos, you’ve come so far and all that… Once you get to your 40s, chances of multiples if you get 2 or even 3 put back are quite low. In the UK, I think HEFA suggests one embryo for age 37 and under, max 2 embryos ages 38-39, and max 3 for age 40 and over. The one time I had 2 embryos, I put both back in as although I actually don’t want to have twins, I would much prefer it to no baby at all. Do you have a specific medical condition that means that’s a risk you can’t take?

hyland, blondes I’m on the berries thread with other ladies over 30 ttc no.1 for over a year. There’s quite a few of us at various stages of investigations and treatment and they are a very knowledgeable bunch if either of you fancied dropping in. smile

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 18-Jan-16 16:11:28

Thanks may pop along to your thread

So sorry your cycles haven't work either - must be even flight success then mc flowers

Not sure as its abroad why they won't put more back in then one - 3nd cycle in uk they put 3 in as DF and I said we would prefer 3 then none - but none took sad

Still Havnt had af but according to Clinic that's normal and will appear in a few days apparently ..,,,,,

We will do the frozen cycles - have to really or would always wonder what if .....

Just need to work out which credit card we can max out even more lol

SesameSparkle Mon 18-Jan-16 21:02:55

Blondes, thank you. Will you have a follow up appointment? It sounds like you have a few questions to ask your clinic. What country are you being treated in by the way?

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 18-Jan-16 23:35:16

MADRID. Easy to get flights and isually cheap unless you have eggs taken out and put back end of Dec /early Jan grin

Week later and flights would have been £140 return for both of us - compares to almost £700 each return trip we did

Yes clinic rang last week and today and dr will call me at end of week plus they are on the ball on email smile

Tbh better contact with Spain then the clinic 15mins drive from me where we did rounds 1&2 ......

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