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Zita West - how do you all do it?

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allchatnicknamesgone Thu 14-Jan-16 11:55:41


I'm just starting a new if round with Zita West. Chose them because of my high NK killer cells. I just can't understand or get over how useless they are in terms of their set up and opening hours. I had no idea when I went for my initial consultation that it would be such a ball ache and I'm so stressed and not even at the injection stage!

I'm just taking the contraception pill for now and the actual cycle is booked for Feb. I have to have 3 intralipids before egg collection and 3 afterwards if successful. I didn't know I'd have to have that many until the nurse consultation and I certainly didn't know the clinic would only do them on 2 days a week from like 9am to 4pm. How does anyone manage this with a job? I'm having to pay through the nose to have them at home on Saturdays with healthcare at home.

So, then onto the actual cycle. I need to go and have bloods done in a different location which I know is a good 10 min walk away from the clinic and then I have to get to the clinic and have scans, but can't do that before 9am?! I start work at 9am and can't tell them because I'm a new starter.

I've done a previous cycle at guys and they were open so early, so it was so much easier.

The only way I can see the cycle working is that if I go and have my bloods done at like 7.30am, then go to work and then run to clinic around lunch time for scan. I don't have a 100% desk job so I can run around a little and cover myself without too many questions, but the logistics are just stressing me out it keeping me awake at night.

Sorry for the vent and I know there's not much anyone can say, but how has everyone else managed it? I'm pissed off that I'm spending so much money and their set up is crap and worse than a doctors surgery. The rooms on Manchester street are really grotty too. the service on phone and email is lovely and swift and caring but that's not the point!

Be nice to hear from anyone in the same position....


Dannygirl Thu 14-Jan-16 20:56:11

Hi there, no experience of Zita West but would you consider ARGC? They also treate high killer cells and open at 7 from memory. Fantastic success rates. It's IVF boot camp and quite full on but they certainly do the early mornings you are after. All the best best of luck and if you have any questions please feel free to message me

allchatnicknamesgone Thu 14-Jan-16 21:15:48

Hey. Thanks for replying. Can't really swap clinics now. Quite an emotional and time consuming investment to chose one in the first place. Argc is considerably more expensive too I understand.

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